Cleaning Schedule – Printable


Can I just tell you that it is so hot here.  It is.

I am trying to stay as cool as I can.  Not easy.

I am posting very short post because it is getting nearly impossible to type on my pc.  The keyboard is going whack now.  The mouse is broken, the power port is broken and I am working with one USB port with a hub. Now the keyboard is going!

It makes typing interesting.  Oh if I can only wait for Christmas when they go on sale, I will be happy, but I am not sure.

Anyway.. I want share this site and idea with you.  I have a hard time keeping up with housework, but I found this.


(click on the image to go to the website and the printable.)

Tomorrow I plan on doing a few things on the list to feel like I made a dent.

I got mine all printed and out and I am ready to go!

Cleaning 30 minutes a day_0001

I think it will help me get a handle on this place!  How can small places get so dirty.  Oh yeah, two cats and a teen.  I forgot!

So instead of Cabo, I am cleaning!  LOL




4 thoughts on “Cleaning Schedule – Printable

  1. I’ve used Flylady for years. She has zones you clean every week. Deep clean, and then daily stuff. It’s got us thru times when I wasn’t able to do a lot of physical things. But I could do 15 minutes at a time.
    I’ll go check this out, always looking for new ideas.
    I think it was a wise decision to postpone Cabo!

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