cRaZy DaZe!


Hello!  It has been so crazy that I can’t even!


Have you seen Hurricane Odile in Mexico!?!  Did we miss that bullet or what?  Thank goodness we are not sitting there right now.   That would have been a huge blunder in the thunder.  (ha ha I made that up)!

I’m spinning my wheels at home, at work and I just haven’t had a second to breath.

I actually think I had a panic attack late Sunday night or early Monday.   I woke up sweating with a temperature, nauseous, dizzy and very anxious as well as chest pain.   I had insomnia and stress so bad at that point I could hardly breath.  It was the worst, I actually almost called 911!   Instead I cried.  LOL

I just didn’t want to scare my daughter by calling emergency personnel AND all I could see is dollar signs.  Cha Ching!   I calmed myself with cold compress and just talking myself down.  It worked.  I’m still here!

Stress can kill a person.  I need to find a release, I need something to calm me down.  Maybe yoga and meditation, but just the thought of that stresses me out! People are lucky that have significant others and very close friends.  Right now I feel very isolated and alone.  Not too many people I trust or even want to burden.

Maybe I need a boyfriend.


Whatever, today I’m good.  I’m working hard and being productive as well  and I have tried to cut back on a few things.  That should help.

Off to back to school night tonight!  It never ends.




5 thoughts on “cRaZy DaZe!

  1. Sorry to hear of the weekend stress. I used to get that on Sunday nights after 6pm, Sunday night dread, ha. Now I listen to a relaxation app on my phone as I fall asleep. This week our Advisory lessons are on teen stress. Good grief, we are a stressed out nation. Hope this weekend is a good one for you.

    • Thank you Gail! I am feeling better, but it just sometimes feels like a battle of wills, will the universe win or will I! 😉 I usually buck up and push thru! Thank you for thinking of me and dropping me a line! xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi debt girl this may sound weird but have you ever thought of writing a prisoner? I do and it helps me not feel depressed. I could ask him if he has a friend needing a letter. Yes there are scammers out there but also a lot of people who are just looking for someone to care.

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