No Rest For The Weary


Its supposed to be my Friday.  However, I need to go into work tomorrow for a few hours.  Even now that I have a VPN  connection to my office, I still need to get some stuff done and will make a bit extra next check.  I need it and there won’t be any other IT staff in, so I volunteered.



I am in such a learning curve right now.  The new Firewall is about to be installed, but I don’t dare go live because I won’t be around on Monday or Tuesday and trust me, there will be issues. 

Monday and Tuesday I am in another networking class.  Its a free class given very close to work by a switch vender and so it should be pretty cool, but I feel I will probably not be as experienced as some of the other participants.  So this weekend I am going to try to watch some videos and brush up.  Better late than never!

Well, all that would be great if I had some time to relax this weekend, but I don’t, cause I will be at a two day golf tourney for my kid.  I actually love that.  I love to give that to my kid, I love the fresh air and the setting.

…So just maybe that is part of my relaxation.  It really is the only thing I do look forward too!


I would enjoy it a lot more if I could play.  Maybe I will take my clubs and hit some balls at some point, but probably not cause I like to watch my kid play too much!

Maybe she will tell me to get lost!  Sometimes she doesn’t want me to watch!  😉  Kids!

I hope you have a great weekend planned!




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