Avocados and Acorns


I spent most of the weekend with this kind of view:


Can I just say, I love it.  I don’t mind that job at all.  I love watching the kids, boys and girls play golf.


The views are spectacular at this course.  Just check out the mountains!


I do love the west coast so much that I cannot decide where to live when I retire.  I think I would be happy from Oregon  all the way down to this part of California!  But I would be most happy in Northern California, but who can afford that?

As you know, there are so many different kind of fruit trees here, but you usually don’t see Avocado trees on the golf course!  I found one yesterday.


Even laying on the ground.  I didn’t pick any up, not really my way to scavenge! lol


Another funny thing that I noticed on the course was all these acorns stuffed in the oak trees!


They are just full of them.  One of the rules officials told me that is the way that squirrels store them.  Now isn’t that just clever and cute?

I thought so too!  It doesn’t take much for me these days.

It was Award day and a few  of the kids earned these babies!


Eventually my kid will get there.

She scored in the 80s, not quite there yet, but getting there!

Sorry for the ugly, yellow color pics.  I just upgraded us to iPhone 5s.  We had iPhone 4 and our contract was up.  I figured out how to get the yellow now though.  Don’t worry, I am not chasing technology.  Her phone was broken (for months) and mine was just way, way old.  I was on the iOS 6 and no apps would play well on that, so not much good.

Hope all is well with you!




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