Hump Day & Lee Child Paperback

(I hate that term, Hump Day.  I don’t know why I used it! Probably because I know you know what it is!)


It is Wednesday and I CAN NOT wait for Friday.  I’m so done this week.

There is one thing that is making my week doable.



That’s right~! 

60 Payments is reading 61 Hours!  Winking smile  Gotta love that title! 

It’s really good!  He is a a great writer.   I do love the character too, I suppose I need to watch one of the Tom Cruise movies about him!


I’m really into this author.  This is my second book.  I have more too!  All bought dirt cheap at the Friends of the Library sale. Nothing like a good book to take you away from your B-Kay! 

So every chance I get I am putting my nose into this book this week to stay focused.

I’m not spending a dime this week.  I am living out of the freezer and pantry. 

Its gonna get harder before it gets easier around my house! Whatareyagonnado?

Keep Calm and Read On!




3 thoughts on “Hump Day & Lee Child Paperback

  1. I love the Jack Reacher Lee Child books! I have listened to quite a few in my car and love them! Seriously, don’t bother with the Tom Cruise movie version. He doesn’t match the description of Jack Reacher one bit! Let’s see……Jack is like over 6ft tall…Tom Cruise….isn’t! LOL. A movie should at least resemble the main character just a bit 😉

    • I am not a big T.C fan and so I don’t want to ruin my idea of Reacher so you are prob right, who would the get to play Plato in 61 Hours cause he was super short, next to Tom? 🙂

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