Another Lee Child & Board Update

Hi there!

Yes, I finished 61 Hours!  Now I need to finish 60 Payments

Winking smile

On to the next Jack Reacher Novel.  This one looks brand new!


Just started it today. 


This is my 3rd, so I’m sure it will be a great read based on the first 2.

Okay, now onto the Board stuff.

You know that I am a member of the HOA board where I live.  We had elections and last night I went from being Member at Large to VP.  Not a terrible change, the VP doesn’t have too much to do if the Pres does their job.

But here is the good news.  You know how I was afraid of a special assessment?  Well that is not going to happen! They decided that work did not need to be done.

It is proving to be a very good idea to be on the board and having this info!  Information is power!

And here is the better news!  At the HOA for the last 10 years the owners have been responsible for all the plumbing issues, even if it is not in your unit –  if you share  pipe, you pay.  That can cost thousands of dollars, that is one reason I am in BK. That happened to me!  I ended up paying 20,000 for someone else’s remodel after a pipe in our building broke!  What drama!

Now they want to try to insure the buildings so that if a pipe breaks, the HOA pays for it!  Why didn’t that happen 12 years ago when I had that happen to me!?!  Just my luck.  My timing sucks!

But just knowing that they (we) are looking at that options makes my stress level go way down!

Happy day!




5 thoughts on “Another Lee Child & Board Update

    • What prevents this from happening again while you are in bankrutcy? What would you do?

      I could never agree to live with those conditions. I let my house go because I knew I could not maintain. The upkeep, but to have to worry about my own repairs and someone else’s would drive me to complete madness.

      • What happened was they got a leak from a pipe we shared then they got mold! Then they had to remodel and I had to help pay the costs for it all! ;-(.
        I have been beside myself with worry asking what if? My atty told me if they sue they would just have to put a lien on me! Not fun! 😦

  1. Girl, I hope you can get out of this ASAP. It’s not wonder you are stressed you aren’t just carrying your problems, but a neighbor too.

  2. Hugs. I hope you find a good outlet – exercise (swimming? running?), a friend, anything.

    I’m not a yoga person; I feel calmer and happier after pushing my body really hard in an endurance sport. Yoga is alternatively boring and stressful for me. You might be the same way.

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