Pumpkin Spice Pancakes!

Hi there!  Yippeee!!  It’s Friday!  I’m so glad. 

Tis the FALL season, almost!

It was actually cold this morning, but I know it will heat up during the day.  It’s been hot here for a couple of years, we’ve had no winter like weather at all.  I’m hoping for cold weather and lots of it.

And to rush that thought along, I bought some of this.


It looked so good.  And it is… But to be honest, it was different than the regular Buttermilk kind in texture.


So last night for dinner (because I was on my own), I decided to mix the the two mixes!


It turned out perfect.  The Pumpkin Spice mix alone is really fluffy – and that is good, but something about the texture, color and a little over powering taste just didn’t work for me.

But this combo works!


They are still really fluffy and cook up nicely!


I love having pancakes for dinner!


Like I said, I’m eating out of the pantry as much as I can.


And what’s better than a “Just add water” meal!

This is a great way to stretch the Pumpkin Spice mix anyway!!!

Kid has Homecoming next month so she needs a new dress and shoes.  I need new tires and I still haven’t had my car tuned up! Its way over due.  A little worried about car maintenance.  I think next check I will be able to squeeze money out for that.

Tomorrow I am taking her to practice a course she will be playing soon in a tourney.  I’m walking or riding along, I’m not sure yet.  I just can’t afford to play with her.  I do need the walk, so leaning toward that!   We do for our kids right?

What are your plans this weekend?   Have some Pumpkin Spice pancakes!




4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Pancakes!

  1. I’m curious what you think “cold” is… a couple of weeks ago I woke up to snow and mid-20s outside. That was cold (for this time of year). Of course, highs are back in the 80s this week so who knows when we’ll see snow again.

    Does your daughter have anything appropriate for homecoming now? If you do buy something, tell her she’ll have to wear it to the next dance as well! The whole notion of “a dance is coming up, I need something new” is totally silly and a great way to fill a closet with clothes that will never be worn again. It astounded me how much some of my peers spent on dances in school, but others just pulled stuff out of their closet (except for prom) and no one cared.

    • It must have been about 60. I grew up in oregon and if the sun was out and it was 60 I would lay out! But its been hot here and by comparison that is cold. 😉
      My kid only gets new clothes for birthday, christmas, new schoolyear and special occasion. As a sophmore, and because she is good at understanding, i will buy her a new outfit. She gets my clothes budget, i dont mind a bit really. I hope to make that work! Xoxo

  2. I love pumpkin everything! Looks tasty. 🙂

    Back in the day – wait, I still do this – I would buy dresses for events when they were cheap, not when I needed them. Most of the clothes that I’ve worn to formal events and semi-formal dances are things that I’ve picked up for about $30 or $40. Ditto shoes – maybe $20 at DSW when I hit a great sale.

    FYI, consignment shops in rich towns are great places to get really nice clothes, cheap. The people buy them, wear them once, and sell them for a fraction of the selling price.

    (Sorry for being AWOL – work has been crazy.)

    • Hi Bridget!!! I have missed you and wondered about you! Glad to know you are ok!!! Those are great ideas and I have done that for her. Then I forgot I had them and she outgrew the dress! I plan to take her to a store called Windsor where the dress is like 30.00 and shoes from Cathy Jeans for cheap! It won’t cost too much! I was going to curl her hair today and see if that will work too. A dry run. She will be pretty no matter what! :-). Xoxoxo so nice to “see” you!!!!!!!

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