A Good Day…

Hello!  How is your weekend going?  Its almost over!  Gah!!!  Noooooo!

I’ve had a great weekend!  It just worked for for me.

(I spent more at the grocery store than I wanted, but it will not be wasted.  More on Albertsons soon.)

Yesterday was a great day.   I even stopped and thought about it a couple of times, how good the day was!  That doesn’t happen a lot to me.

I got up and cleaned and got us ready for 18 holes of golf.  I put a pork roast in the crockpot!  All day long we talked about how excited we were to get home and have BBQ and a movie.  I know someday in the near future I will miss my girl so much!

She has a tourney next weekend and its a new course that she hasn’t played and so I took her so she got in some good practice yesterday and it was beautiful!


This is a links course and so wide open, she loved it.  She did really well.  She was lucky, she played with a man and his two older sons.  The older man has played this course over 300 times and he was able to give her some great course tips!!!!  Lucky!  There were so nice and he said he and his wife might come next weekend and walk with us!


I walked along side her and didn’t play.  I can’t afford us both to play!   I saved a fortune by walking with her.  We brought food and I got exercise.  It was very cheap day.

It looks sandy because, well, it is.  Its so close to the beach. Windy and cool!!


Its a long course and I was so sore last night.


But we still got up and we walked the lake today.  She is starting to work out with me more!


We will be back at that course next weekend for two days.

I’m looking forward to it.  I might only go on Saturday, her dad might go on Sunday.  We shall see.

But in other news!  I’m getting my kid into working out her arms!  I downloaded some free arm workouts on my iPad and we have done them two days in a row now. She is pretty weak, you would be surprised.  So I am hoping that with weight work it will help her golf game even more!  I have super flab arms too, so its a win-win!

Today we curled her hair with hot rollers.  She liked it but it is “not homecoming worthy”.  Oh well, I tried.  I thought it is really pretty.  I will show you tomorrow!

Have a wonderful evening!




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