Albertsons Cookware

How are you doing! 

Isn’t it a weird time of year, not quite Summer even though it feels like it and not quite Winter.  It feels like Fall is in full around Halloween.  We are almost there!  Almost.

Things going on with me are:

I am taking my kid shopping tomorrow night for Homecoming clothes, shoes and a curling wand thing.  I hope to keep it all around $100.00.  I am looking forward to it. She is growing up so fast.

Friday, I have to buy two new tires.  I had a hard time deciding between a tune up and tires and I chose tires.  The car seems to be running fine and next month I’ll get a tune up.  I think I can get away with just two tires. I bought two at the beginning of last year.

My kid has an important golf tourney this weekend and her high school coach told her yesterday she has a “signature” swing.  Huh?  That just tells me that she needs correction and quick (he is such a jerk, he makes her think its fine.  It is so not fine).  I called her Pro and he will work with her and give her a half hour lesson on Friday.  Thankfully,  but that is gas and $50.00 to pay for it.

(Can I just say that there will be a very “lite” Christmas this year again!)  I am so okay with that. 

What’s going on with you?  Are you counting pennies, are you budgeting until you think you are gonna pop? Do you feel like some of the things you spend money are probably not the most important but very much a necessity at the same time?  Gah!!!!!

Now about Albertsons.  (Hey btw…they got hacked last night, so use cash for a while until they shore it up!) 

Right now they are having a cookware give away after so much money is spent and I love stainless cookware, so count me in!


For every 10.00 you spend you get a stamp!  And it goes towards this selection:


Lots to choose from.  I always hope the person in front of me isn’t playing and gives me there stamps, but it hasn’t happened yet! Winking smile


I think its great.  Albertsons is not my favorite, but for this, I will shop there.


So start collecting and tell me which pot you get!


Have a great day! 

What are you up to lately?




8 thoughts on “Albertsons Cookware

  1. Some things don’ change. In the 1960s Duz Detergent gave away dishes in boxes of their soap. My dishes from my mother came from those giveaways

  2. There are no Albertsons anywhere near me so no stamp collecting here. I don’t spend enough on groceries to earn much anyway. Every once in a while I’ll see people offering their stamps on freecycle or similar forum, so if you really want new cookware it might be worth checking out.

  3. We were up in Portland last week and I was surprised to find out Albertson’s still existed – none to be found in my corner of the state. I thought about you on our vacation – we walked and walked and hiked and enjoyed the moist, wet, cloudy weather. That slice of Oregon and Washington is definitely my favorite.

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