Chapter 13 Anniversary!



Can you believe it?  I sure can!

It feels more like my 20th year anniversary!  It has gone by pretty s l o w l y!

When you do a Chapter 13 they base it on your income.  I had to do a 60 payment plan because of that rule.  I begged my attorney to try to find a way for me to do a 36 month plan.  I would be done in 12 months from today if he could have done that.  But it is clearly set in stone.  Sixty Payments was my only option.

So now I get the 36 payments that I thought I could handle.  So in my mind… (as feeble as it is) I’m going to do a reset!  Okay now I only have to do 36 payments.  OH NO… I will never discount the 24 months/payments I already have invested. 

Trust me!  I will never EVER never forget this whole experiences as long as I live!  The last 2 years have spoke volumes to me. 

In May of 2015 I will be at the half way point.  Can I do it, will I make it, is it possible?  I sure hope so.

Sometimes I think  blogging is what makes the time go by so closely, because I never forget about it. If I wasn’t blogging I would probably forget it for a bit and then think, whoa, its going so fast.   At some point next year, I think I may take a few months off to test that!  Should I?




6 thoughts on “Chapter 13 Anniversary!

  1. You do what is best for you. This is your history, one day when time has passed and through all this it might be good to read to keep it fresh in your mind.

    As we have been through a 7 I can tell you when you get to the other side you breathe, but as time passes, stinking thinking comes back. I know, like you I said never and I haven’t but you must be viligant.
    I keep rules in place, accountability and reminders as to not allow myself to think as I once did.

    Your blog will be a good reminder to you and to your daughter.

  2. Congrats on the anniversary!

    Would taking time off from blogging make time go faster? I would guess “yes” but only if you stopped thinking about it as well, which could be dangerous to your budget or good for your stress levels.

  3. Try to not get overwhelmed by looking at 3 years. I would think your next big milestone would be 50% finished. Then just rinse repeat.

  4. Maybe it would help to post about different things – animals, the ocean, free stuff to do, fun recipes, etc. You will go nuts if you just focus on what you don’t have.

    Apropos of saving, etc., my boyfriend helped me do a $600 car repair this weekend for all of $150. Still not cheap, but I saved a pile of money.

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