Disqualified for Shaving Points!


Okay, lets call it what it is…


It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. 

One of the kids came to the tourney this weekend.  It was her first time out there.  She’s on my daughters high school team.  It’s been rumored that she “shaves points” off her games.  While she is shaving, she points out to others that they are not playing fair DURING matches!  I actually heard the rumor and didn’t believe it.


The thing about Jr. Tourney golf is that there are lots of rules officials watching and cheating is completely unacceptable. 

I heard they let her finish the tourney, pulled her aside and showed her where she miscounted.  Then they as kindly as possible told her she was DQd.  I’m sure it hurt her but it would hurt her and everyone else if she got away with it.

The highschool coach must be turning a blind eye to it.  It has now jeopardized the whole team.  In my opinion, she should be either tossed off the team or made to sit the rest of the season out.


I see those kids out there grinding away and it just does not make sense to have one kid out there coasting along and taking credit for a score that she didn’t make!

What do you think?  Kicked off completely or just made to sit out the rest of the season?  Should the whole team be kicked out of the league?

So sad for this!  I really dislike that coach  and I think he has not taught some of those kids the values that golf must install. That is why I spend a fortune on Tournament Golf!  It teaches so much more than just getting the ball into the cup!




PS, my kid got a 93 and then an 87.  She is getting there, slow but sure! 


8 thoughts on “Disqualified for Shaving Points!

    • Her mom just dropped her off, I have never seen her around even at practice. But to be fair i don’t get to go much because I work, but she doesn’t. She won’t get benched or booted!

  1. OMG! Thrown off the team, for sure. This is unacceptable on so many levels. On a more positive note, so happy to hear your kiddo is improving and doing so well.

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