Battles, Books & Gracie


I cannot believe that we are already into October this far!   The week has flown. 

I have been so busy at work and I have been very distracted by the whole golf cheating/coach BATTLE.  I think it bothers me more than the kid. 

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and let it go.  A parent from another high school team keeps texting me about it.  I think we are all confused and don’t know what to do.  We just tell our kids to watch the cheater like a hawk the next time she plays.  Which should not happen.  What kind of message is that coach sending to the honest kids?   OMG, I can’t wait until he is history and just retires.  Can.not be soon enough.

I finished reading the Lee Child novel, A Wanted Man.  It was so good.  Then I read this and just finished it last night.


I really enjoyed it!


I need to watch the movie now.  I think the library has it and I will check it out.  I am now reading a Harlen Coben book called Long Lost.  Another Friends of the Library cheapie! About a quarter!  Winking smile

Reading is really helping me cope.  It cost virtually nothing and it takes me out of  my own drama and helps me to relax.  Plus when my daughter is doing her homework, I read.  The TV is not blaring and she doesn’t get distracted.  It’s a win-win!

Since I don’t have a lot to discuss as far as the BK goes and I’m just getting by day by day, I wanted to share these pics with you again.





The most adored cat in the world!  So sweet, its not even…

I hope you have a wonderful day!  We are half way thru the week! 



(see my new signature?) 

2 thoughts on “Battles, Books & Gracie

  1. Miss Gracie is certainly very beautiful! On the cheating scandal … I am dumbfounded by the coach’s inaction. Yeah, he doesn’t have to have a public condemnation of her actions, but she was caught cheating and should be disciplined for it in a way that the other girls recognize even if it is not identified as such.

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