Halloween / Pumpkin Ideas


Every year at work we have a big chili cook-off/potluck.  I actually love it.  Remember 2012  when I did Pepto Princess?  Kind of appropriate for a chili cook-off no?

This year, I think I will pull out a costume for a Winch, save a wine bottle, make a label and call it good.

We also have office/cubby decorating and last year I won, remember?  I think I did a pumpkin as well.  Its just good cheap fun.

I am getting ready to decorate my office again, thinking about what treats I am gonna bring and also what kind of pumpkin I want to do.  Here are some of my ideas:

(I snagged these off of Pinterest on my iPhone so I apologize for not cleaning up the photos!)

I know this blog will never win any awards, but I hope you still love me anyways!  Winking smile

This one is so cute.  I thought I would buy a bag of candy corns for the water!


This one is tempting!  Smell my FEET!


I have always loved to say that as a kid, “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, gimme somethin good to eat!”

This one is adorbs!!!  I love the mice!


Here’s one that screams easy!


I HEART that one!

But here is what I am leaning towards!  It is so different:




So cool.  A little scene!  I love it.  I have a fake tea candle to use and those little trinkets are easy.  I think I may have some from last  year.

Okay, which one do you think?

Golf Update:  League tournament today and my kid shot an 88.  Not bad.  But here is the news… the cheater pants has all the other coaches following her during the games now.  I don’t know her score today … YET!


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