Pumpkin Patch 2014

This  will probably not happen again!   I took my kid to a pumpkin patch today.  I was in heaven, she was in… well, you know.

I am type from my pc at home, so here… lots of pics, self explanatory.   My keyboard drives me crazy… bare with me.  For every five words I type, I have to fix ten! 

It was warm, upper 70s, like that is cool for here!


Ugly birds!


My daughter actually rode these ponies when she was a baby! Waaaaaa!


Pig Races!




Look at the guy in the back, he must have money on it! 😉


Isn’t she cute!  She posed, just for me!!!! Um.. just for you!


The only thing we bought there was kettle corn.  The pig races and the wagon ride were included in the ticket price of 15.00.


We didn’t even buy a pumpkin!



This is the Wild West!



I took this today and my kid is going to paint it for me!




I have never seen this done before.  Cool!


That was probably the last time I will get my girl to a pumpkin patch with me alone.

Hope you are enjoying your fall where ever you are!




5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch 2014

  1. You are one of the most rudest. Bloggers I have met , I have read your blog for sometime you honestly still make the most stupid decisions read cabo perfume and fit it and you are ignorant to hell you call an emu. Ugly geez you need to get a life stop wasting money on superficial crap like duck tape to cover your stupid purse and old cover girl make up … I won’t be back you did me a favor

    • Louise I am so sorry I offended you! I had no idea what these large creatures were and that they are the national bird for Australia. Oh sometimes when I put up my page I do not stop to think and this was one of those times, many apologies. That said I am not a fan of larger birds. Sorry. As far as my financial choices, again guilty as charged. I make terrible decisions but believe it or not, I have and still am getting much better! The trip to Cabo, what a whopper, if I could take that back and not go, I sure would. However I do want to enjoy my life and there are things that make me happy and I guess cheap perfume and used technology does that in some way.

      Again sorry and I wish you all the best! Debtgirl

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