My New (TO Me) Fitbit



Well, here we are in the middle of October.  Come on Father Time, keep ticking!  FASTER FATHER! How many people do you know wish their lives away as often as I do!?!

Just get me through the next 36 months without too much drama, that is all I ask!

Well…I would also like to stay healthy.


Speaking of healthy!  I got a Fitbit!  I’ve wanted one forever!


I bought it used from my new coworker for $50.00 and I’ve been wearing it for about a week. I love coworkers who chase technology so I can buy what they don’t want any more.  That’s how I got the iPad too!  Used!

The Fitbit tracks your walking by GPS and this  snapshot is my lake walk and my breaks during work.  (It looks like it recorded two lake walks on the same day, that is not right!.  I am not that energetic!  ;-0)


It’s really helped me get back on track as far as walking goes.  Now I need to control my eating again.  Heavy sigh.  It tracks your calories in and out as well.

Great, the holidays are around the corner and I am trying to diet.

That is so not funny!  Do you have a Fitbit?

Have a great Monday!



12 thoughts on “My New (TO Me) Fitbit

  1. Thanks for reminding me that I have a Fitbit I do not use anymore (was a gift) and an iPad mini (won in a contest) that I also do not use or need to list and shed from my closet. This decluttering stuff is not much fun.

    • I am loving the fact that it tracks everything! Now that I am no longer WW lifetime because I am over my goal, this cost just a little over the cost of WW for a month. So way cheaper than WW! I think the newer ones are awesome just too spendy and this one is fine! Xoxo

  2. Buying gadget second hand is a smart way to save money because electronics depreciate in value faster than cars lol. Looks like you’re making great progress with your walks so far. I’m thinking about getting a smart watch, probably from a friend or coworker too 🙂

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