Clearing The Air…


Hello!  Today I find myself at home, in bed.  Insomnia, too much Kettle Corn (popcorn is a huge no-no for me)  and a limpy sore ankle has me down for the count.  One or other would be fine, but all three, is just too much at once.

Today I was going to post my Halloween decorations that I put up at work.  However, something came up and I think I will post that tomorrow.

Actually, what came up was a comment that Louise left me.  It really kind of confuses and concerns me. More on that in a minute.

I just wanted to clear the air with all my readers, who I  just love!  You are all so kind and understanding as well as super patient with me as I succeed and fail my way through this Chapter 13 journey.

Here’s the deal.  I hope you know that I don’t think myself as a Finance Guru, or a Lifestyle Diva, or a Super Mom or a Frugal Queen or anything of that nature.  Please feel free click on my newly updated blog roll for the truly great links to the real experts in all those areas!  I love to read those blogs too!

However this not an expert blog.  I am none of those things. Please!   What I am is an underpaid working class, single mom who is a financial disaster.  I have made huge mistakes in all areas of my life and now that I am in my fifties, I’m trying to clean most of them up.  Rome was not built in a day, my bad habits are dying hard!  This is not easy.  Have you ever been in a Chapter 13?  If not, then congrats, I envy you.  If you have or are now, then trust me, I feel you!

If you want to read how to be frugal, be beautiful, cook delicious meals, travel, live a certain lifestyle perfectly.  Then this blog is not for you, but you can come here for the great blog roll~!

If you want to come and see how I try to navigate the Chapter 13, my ups and downs, my good and bad choices, watch my successes and failures then please stay with me.

So here is the comment that made me feel the need to clear the air:


At first when I read Louise’s comment I was sure that she was only offended that I called the Emu’s at the pumpkin patch “ugly birds”.  I can totally agree with Louise that was an insensitive and uncalled for comment on my part and I will certainly try to be more considerate.

But what really stood out to me was her venom at my purchases such as Cabo, inexpensive perfume and my used Fitbit. She further commented about my cheap Cover Girl blush too and my duct tape! 😦 I really don’t think those items annoy her.  I think what really annoys her is that I have the gall to buy anything at all!

Maybe people think if you are in a Chapter 13 you should not buy one thing that can’t be eaten or worn.  Newsflash, there is a budget item for entertainment.

Now… honestly, since I don’t have savings I probably should not be buying anything.  But that is what I do and that is how I am and this is my blog and I am honest and you will see me do stupid things all the time that will probably chap your buns!    Sorry.

I also know that if you are a more practical person than I am I must frustrate you terribly.  If that is the case and if I make you uncomfortable, don’t read me.  Don’t judge me.

Some posts I whine that I’m broke and don’t have enough for this or that, some posts I say how afraid I am of my current situation and some posts I tell you what a great deal I just got on something.  😉

I know that I don’t always make the best choices.  I am trying to get through this Chapter 13 and have a life that is not all penny scrimping all the time!   I hope I won’t be sorry someday.  I hope I can make it through this my own peculiar way.

I know my decisions don’t make sense to a lot of people, but it is my world, my blog and my Chapter 13.  I am navigating it the best way I know.

So dear reader thank you for your support even if it goes against your grain and for reading and keeping me company during my journey.

I hope you come back often and find some value here.



24 thoughts on “Clearing The Air…

  1. Wow … just wow.

    First, on the emu … do you think many are reading your blog and offended by your opinion that they are not attractive? I’m all in favor of being sensitive, but it’s a BIRD, DG; I am not that concerned about your thoughts on emus being offensive to the rest of your follows. Of course, I could be equally un-PC.

    Second, I value and read and follow your blog for it’s humanity. You have made mistakes and are trying to learn from them. But filing Chapter 13 and enduring the 60 payments process did not automatically instill perfect wisdom or wipe out your ability to make imperfect decisions. You are honest and own your missteps. If you left those off the blog and reported only the successes and good/great aspects of life I would not be reading, because it would be boring and contain nothing educational or worth reading. Celebrating success is so much sweeter after enduring the hard parts to get there.

    You are a real person living her life. It’s not perfect. Sometimes it’s hard. Often it’s messy. Your best may not always be good enough for everyone who reads and follows your blog, and that’s okay. Because I am certain there are a lot of us who struggle and fail and pick ourselves up and try again, and again, and again. I get it and I wish you nothing but the best. Plus I want you to feel better sooner.

    • Thank you Janelle! I do try to keep it real! I just kind of got concerned that maybe I do look like a complete idiot (which I can be) but that readers expect more from me than I am giving. I fail at lots of my attempts – the 52 week challenge being one of them. I do try though and keep trying and I hope I do get an E for Effort. I am hopeful that even my Fails and downfalls can offer something of value.
      I started feeling a bit better and made a spaghetti sauce today. I will post that soon! Thank you for following me and sharing my journey!

      DebtGirl (yup, only human) 😉

      • When we were in debt it was awful, ugly, and so demoralizing. And that was before blogs and blogging and having others weigh in on recovering from past mistakes and our steps foward/steps back on the journey. Life is not one-size-fits-most, and you’re doing your best and succeeding. Besides, I’m sure Louise has already found a replacement blog where no emus are ever offended. 🙂

  2. I sure hope so! Janelle I have been enjoying your blog and invite my readers to check it out! I added to my blog roll! Talk about keeping it real! Love it! Xoxo.
    Facets of my Rich Life.

  3. OMG, those were ridiculous complaints. You don’t need to apologize to the emus of the world, and unless you’re borrowing money from Louise she doesn’t get to judge your purchases. I can afford to be a bit more frivolous, but for some reason I got the practical genes. You actually remind me of my sister when it comes to money. I think I found your blog when I realized I had 60 payments to get ready for retirement. Anyway, chin up Debt Girl, we all need encouragement as we go through life, not scorn.

    • You have a very lucky sister! Oh please do share your journey to retirement! I have quite awhile yet but I am as close as I have ever been! :-). You and Janelle crack me up with your Emu perspective! Not to make fun but to keep it light…. Emus of the world I salute you! 🐥🐤🐣🐔 !

  4. Don’t listen to the haters! Give yourself props for being HONEST. We all spend money on things we don’t really ‘need’. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t all be on our various ways to financial health. And sometimes those ‘frivolous’ type of purchases are the only thing keeping you (mentally and emotionally) whole through a very stressful time. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and keep on rockin’ on! 😀

    • Thanks B! I think you nailed it! A person has to be able to have a small treat once in awhile. I certainly dont ask for much. I do spend a lot on my kids golf though but it should give her a good foundation for college! Sometimes momma needs a little treat though! Thanks for the encouraging words!

  5. Easy to say ignore the comment,but it would eat at me too.

    You need to remember there is more of us who support you and have walked the same trail then the person who condemns.

    That trip right or wrong will be memories with your daughter who will be grown and gone before you know. I say enjoy.

    The rest of the comments are not worth addressing.

    You have to live today and plan for tomorrow the best you can. You can’t wait until the next 36 months pass to enjoy your days.

    Keep blogging, you have us cheering you on.

  6. Congratulations, you’ve made it! Seriously, getting hate mail/comments is a sign of internet success, right?

    You’re honest and that’s a great thing. Yes, I sometimes agree that you don’t always spend wisely and will sometimes say so in comments, but learning new habits is a process and you’re clearly doing better than you used to. And it’s easy to sit by and say “you don’t need that, don’t buy it” but it’s different when you’re living your own life. As for calling you ignorant because you said the emus were ugly? That’s what’s really ignorant. So’s her grammar 🙂

    Please, keep keeping it real. The internet’s already full of BS as it is.

    • Hi K! Woo hoo I am a success at something I love then. My blog and you all! 🌸🌸🌸. I think “she” may have been so mad she couldn’t see clear enough to type and spell well. Well it is ok to comment and give constructive criticism that is from a good place! That is what you have done when you felt it was nec, and I always appreciate that! I thank you for your kind words! Xoxo

  7. LOL I agree, you have made it BIG TIME if you received a rude comment like that. Ridiculous. We are here to encourage each other, not snipe at each other. I liked your response to her though, way to take the high road. Don’t think I could have done that, I would have chosen …. ummm…. DIFFERENT …. words than you. Ha!

    • 🙂 I completely understand! I noticed you went private so I took you off my blog roll! I can’t seem to leave comments on your site ever! I send them and they vanish. Do you ever get them from me? I agree, I hope to be encouraging when I leave comments too!! Off to hobble to work today but nothing a couple of Tylenol can’t fix! Xoxo

  8. Your blog must have hit a nerve if the “B” reacted that strongly. I guess there actually is one perfect person on this earth. Keep your head and finger held high!

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  9. I didn’t get a chance to reply to this yesterday. I was home sick too. I read it and wanted to reply, but I was in bed with my ipad mini and didn’t want to try to type out my reply on that!

    Don’t let that comment get you down! Emu’s are pretty ugly! So are ostriches, LOL Doesn’t make them bad birds or you a bad person and you certainly are entitled to your own opinion on your own blog.

    It’s a good thing you aren’t perfect – you’d be kind of boring to read 🙂 I like that you are honest about what you do and spend money on, and that you can admit when you realize you made a stupid decision. Keep going – you’ll be at 60 before you know it!

  10. Aw, he’ll. All this time I thought I was visiting the blog of Dave Ramsey and Oscar de la Renta’s lovechild, and it turns out you’re just some nice lady who is blogging about trying to figure out her life.

    I want a refund! (Wait, I didn’t pay anything for this.)

    Irony aside, Louise’s comment was rude and crass. We, your loyal readers, like you and your blog. It’s a big internet and she can find a different playground.

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