Halloween Office Décor – 2014


First off all thank you all for the shot in the arm yesterday with your encouraging comments.  I really needed that.  I felt  like some of those things I wrote in the post had to be put out there even if I did not receive that negative comment.

I just want everyone to know that I know that I am soooooo not perfect!  Winking smile  I appreciate your patience.

It is almost Halloween and this year, like last year, I decided to decorate.  I saved a box of stuff at work and I saved the branched I painted, so it was easy just to pull them out and use them up.

The big difference is that I decided to decorate the hall outside my office instead of in my office.  it got pretty cramped last year!

So here we are:


This is actually outside the wall of my coworker.  He didn’t care.  He is new, so he probably thinks I am crazy anyway.  We sit so damn close we can actually hear each other chewing!  Gah!!!

This is the wall outside of my cubby.



I added a little fire.  Remember last year when I had a running video on a monitor of a fireplace?  It was so cool!


I made one out of construction paper this year and its cute even though it looks like a 2 year old did it!   Corny but cute!



Love the branches with the web, a 3D effect.  Ha Ha.


The other side.



So there you have it. Haunted Hall!

Do you decorate your office?  I have no idea why I have started doing it, I never did before!

I pulled out an old costume from my box in the garage, I am gonna be a Winch. Yep, that’s me.  Winch!

I saved a wine bottle and plan to print out a label for it.  FREE!

You dressing up?



14 thoughts on “Halloween Office Décor – 2014

  1. I think it looks great. Everyone will think what a happy company person you are. 😘

    I used to live in a cubicle, ugh, the smell and noise some days would be overwhelming.

    We moved from living way out in the country to living in town, thanks to foreclosure, so I am told to expect up to 1,000 kids to hit my door. I can’t afford all this candy. I will just turn my pockets inside out and go as BROKE!!😃

  2. Love the decorations and LOVED your post yesterday. Sorry someone had to make you feel bad in order to feel better about themselves! I read your blog because you are real like me. Who wants/needs perfection?! Not this gal! Hugs!

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