Thank You Hurricane Odile


Today I was writing up a post about my daughters Golf and something dawned on me.

I really don’t want to go to Cabo.  But I also know that when you buy something through Travel Zoo you can’t get a refund after 7 days and I know as well that you cannot ever get airfare refunded.  EVER!

But check this out!

Here’s what I spent:


And after all my calls today, here’s what I get back! 


I cannot believe it either.  Fully refunded travel plans.  This just does not happen!

Here’s the break down.

I called Travel Zoo just to see about the hotel.  I told them about Hurricane Odile and why we postponed but that the new dates just did not work. The agent said no worries because that resort/trip is marked as fully refundable.  I was like… WHAT?    All I had to do was call the resort, get a cancelation number and call back Travel Zoo with that.  Done.  That included the shuttle too.  Done and Done.

Then I called the easy one.  I called the ride to and from LAX.  No problem.  Refund!  Done.

Now for the airline tickets.  I figured I would call and just change them to a visit to my mom in Portland.  The agent and I  tried to find some flights that would work, but they were like $350.00 a piece more.  I told the agent, no, I can’t do that.  Heavy sigh… then she said something I never thought in a million years that I would hear… “You do have a get out of jail card for free.”  Honest, those where her exact words.

She then explained that since there was an “alert” put on those flights because of Hurricane Odile, the reservation change fee was already waived, but even better, since she could not find flights that worked for me, I could be issued a full refund.  WHAT?   Yep and she started the process for me today right then and there.

So within the next couple of weeks I will be completely reimbursed.  I am flabbergasted, shocked and amazed.

Thank you Hurricane Odile!


I am so happy right now.  This kind of thing never happens and it never happens to me!


Tomorrow I will post the golf post that was meant to be posted today.   This was just too good to wait!

Did I get out of that big mistake by the skin of my teeth or what?



12 thoughts on “Thank You Hurricane Odile

  1. I’m so happy for you!! Great way to take the initiative and see what could be done. I’d say take what you can of that money and start an EF fund 🙂 and take a tiny lit bit and buy yourself a nice little treat. A massage or something 🙂

  2. Congrats on the refund! Are you feeling like you don’t want to go to Cabo because of expenses or because it just does not appeal anymore? I recognize myself in this impulse-like purchase and also recognize the remorse that comes later, so I am really happy this worked out for you this time.

    • It was kind of an impulse but with all the wierd stuff (no missing people) i just got nervous too! So glad not to be going, relieved actually and my kid is happy too. She wants to go oregon and see fam. Xoxo

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