PGA Junior Tour?

Hello!  Happy Weekend!

This was my post for yesterday but then I got busy on the phone to see what I could do about Cabo and I just had to post that great news instead.  I really only expected to postpone the trip again, I had no idea I was going to be able to get completely out of it.  I am still so relieved.

But nothing has changed about my plans for the weekend.  Golf clinic, 99 cent store, and my kid gets to go to the Haunted House tonight.  I will be busy trying to budget as planned.   Now I just might have a bit of an Emergency Fund to look forward too!

My big plan for the weekend is to work on my budget.


It may get even tighter round these parts.   I will explain that in a second.

NEWSFLASH :  High school girls golf season is over, the leagues have been played. (No more coach)!!!

My sophomore daughter ranked 14 out of 36!!  All five area high schools, including juniors and seniors.   Her scores are dropping and it shows.  She works so hard.

The girls team did make it to CIF finals and their first game is next Thursday.   Good luck girls!   Cheater Pants might not play, she got DQd from the league game yesterday.   Long story.

Here’s what might cause my budget to burst at the seams!   I honestly do not know how I’m going to swing it but I want my daughter to join yet another golf organization in January.


There’s a yearly membership and tourney fees as well, but I talked to a coach from another high school that has her eye on my kid and she told me she is so ready for that venue!   This coach (who coaches at the elite private school in the area) loves my kid and she wants to take her for a private course management day.  Just the two of them – for free!  My kid is beyond.  She suggested this organization to me when I asked what next?

I need to sit down, take a good long look at my budget and  see what I can squeeze out. Groceries, Cable, Phone are things I can change to find another buck.  Its pretty tight as it is, but there are times when I do buy silly things (we all know that) but if I can hunker down just for a couple more years to give her the best possible chance at Golf Scholarships, then it will be so worth it!

I will do whatever it takes to give her every opportunity in it.

Yes, even during a Chapter 13!  Crazy huh?


4 thoughts on “PGA Junior Tour?

  1. That’s FABULOUS news! Okay, I’m no-so-secretly doing the happy dance that cheater pants has a DQ, but cheaters should absolutely not prosper; hopefully she learned some good life lessons. Hopefully you’ll be able to work out the finances and make this organization happen for your kiddo. I’m so glad her hard work is being recognized and rewarded.

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