99 Cent Store Run

Hello Sunday!  I LOVE Sunday, it’s my favorite day.  I usually laze around with a cup of coffee and catch up on blogging and planning the week. I still get up pretty early, just like to laze.  Do you do that?

Yesterday I went to the 99 Cent store as planned while my daughter was in a  golf clinic.  Saved gas, have you noticed the price of gas?  GREAT!

I got everything on my list!  Does this look like $46.00 worth of stuff?  If I would have I shopped at mainstream this would have been at least $100.00.  Two bags can be that much!


I picked up some canned goods  I use the chicken broth in rice all the time and I always add diced tomatoes to my spaghetti sauce.  I have no idea what those greens and beans are or why I picked them up.  LOL!


Notice the Oregon Trail cranberries.  Great find for November or December.  Not sure what we are doing for the holiday yet, but I hope it is not much!


I was completely out of canned cat food.  They were so happy this morning.  This is .50 a can.  A little high actually.  Should be  42 a can, but it was there!


House hold products.  The paper towels are post worthy, heads up!


Breakfast food.  Not too exciting.  There’s some pancake mix in other pic!


Halloween candy.  I probably won’t get a single ghoul, but better safe than sorry.


Misc. items.


I have some frozen Swai in the freezer and I really needed that lemon pepper!   I’m really craving salmon but not in the budget.  Next week, maybe. Hopefully.  Probably not.  Why is it so expensive?  Getting up there with halibut.

I picked up some hair ties for my daughters golf  bag as well as some lip balm.  Two must haves.


Two pumpkins.  One for me and one for my daughter.  1.99 each.  There was no way I would buy any at the pumpkin patch.  Too expensive!    I got two, but one is still in the car.  😉


Kiddo loves that Gatorade and since she is out in the sun for almost 5 hours while golfing, its good.


On Weds, we have the company potluck.  I am bringing pasta salad.  I picked up all the ingredients here too.


I know its a bunch of odds and ends today but I have meat in my freezer and did not need to buy much.  Thankfully.

Gah… we are already dipping into the candy!


(cat hair optional)

My kid is off to play a practice round today.  I am in for the day.  Laundry, cleaning and maybe now that I have some spray starch I can do some ironing.  Oh joy.

I need to look at the budget.  I didn’t yesterday.  Its hard to sit down and re-crunch numbers you have already looked at a million times.  They don’t change!

What are your plans today?   Whatever they are, have a wonderful, long Sunday!



5 thoughts on “99 Cent Store Run

  1. Great haul! I’m really trying hard to stay away from the grocery store, because our pantry shelves are bursting and our freezers are almost overflowing. I just started a spaghetti sauce on the stove and have two pans of meatloaf in the oven right now. I have chicken breasts defrosting for the crockpot tonight for DH’s favorite chicken and potatoes meal. This is turning into bulk cooking Sunday.

    • Hi Janelle, I love bulk cooking Sunday’s! No cooking for me today because I already have rice and Speg sause and a squash to eat up! I might cook some zuchini to have veggie as well! I don’t have any chicken in the freezer because nothing on sale! Maybe next week I can find it in my price range! Enjoy you “homey” day!!!! Xoxo

  2. Nice haul!

    For some reason (okay, that reason would be “cheap groceries”), this post reminded me of the whole Market Basket/Demoulas saga of the summer. Not sure if you heard, but the former CEO, a brilliant businessman who managed to keep prices low and wages high – was ousted by rival family members. The explicit plan was to raise prices, cut benefits, and sell the company to the highest bidder. The employees rallied and protested for the CEO’s return. Almost two hundred employees – mostly warehouse – walked off in protest. The protests made the news, and the new CEOs – one of whom was involved with Albertson’s – fired eight members of management. That turned an interesting local news item into a multi-state cause. Some 90% of customers boycotted the chain. Radio stations made their own versions of protest songs. The rallies backed up traffic on 495 for miles. The scab warehouse workers were so bad that they couldn’t get fresh product into stores. Then store managers started refusing deliveries and putting up signs encouraging customers to boycott. The fired CEO offered to buy the whole chain, a win-win. His cousin decided that a better course of action would be to (figuratively) burn the chain to the ground.

    Things escalated even more. Vendors weren’t getting paid and put the chain on COD. Other vendors were laying off people as orders dried up due to the ongoing boycotts. The new CEOs from hell alternately threatened to (illegally) fire the striking workers, hold job fairs for “open positions,” and lay people off because of lack of work. The Attorneys General of three states got involved to smack that down. Deval Patrick offered to negotiate with the parties. The customers paid for a full-page ad in the Lowell Sun to explain to the morons in charge why they were boycotting. Eventually, the boycotts, which caused an estimated ten million dollars a week in operating losses, almost forced the chain to shut down. Right before that happened, the deal to sell was inked.

    Good guys win! Ousted CEO, now owner, made his “Thank you and welcome home” speech from a pick-up truck with a homemade podium that had been used at the rallies. There was a giant giraffe beside him; giraffes were the mascot of the protest (because they stick their necks out). Yay for cheap groceries and helping to save the middle class!

    • That is a great story! How did I miss that news? Probably because I pretty much bury my head in the sand! But wow!!! That is an old fashioned American solution and I love it!!!!! I think we need more of those grass roots efforts to get back to who we all are!!! Thank you! Xoxo

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