Paper Towel Stretch


Today is our company Halloween potluck.  I thought I would share pics but I didn’t have time to go and get any!  Anyway, they look much like they did last year.

Here is the pumpkin I made a couple of years ago!


Wasn’t that cute?  It was so hard to do and it didn’t even place in the contest!

The pumpkin I did this year has a company logo shirt and hat.  So obviously for anonymity  I can’t post pics of it.  But those kinds of pumpkins never win the contest, just the actually carved ones.  Makes sense… I guess.  More and more people are not carving pumpkins, just decorating so maybe its time to change it up!

Okay now onto the Towel stretch!

You are probably wondering how the heck do you stretch Paper towels? Well, first of all, buy from the 99 Cent Store!


Then make sure you buy the right kind!


You don’t have to buy from there, but they are way cheaper!  Paper towels are not cheap!


But here is MY secret!  No matter what kind you get or where you get them make sure you get the ones where you can pull off half size sheets!


I cannot tell you how much longer my paper towels last me!

I was bummed because the 99 Cent Store did not have them for the longest time, but now they do!

So there you have it, another way to stretch your buck!

Have a great day!



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