Halloween 2014 – Typical Day

Happy Halloween!  I have no idea what to call this post!  Its Halloween but I’m not posting anything Halloweenie, accept this pic!


That’s all I got as far as Halloween stuff!

Here’s what I do got!  I started my day with my lake walk.  It was cold!


I wore a jacket the whole time.  Finally!  Weather!

While I walked, I heard this song.


I sent it to my daughter immediately.  I love it, find it! Listen to it and share it with your daughter.

Then I went and spent over $200.00 at the car repair.  They informed me I need to spend about 500.00 more.


Its a 2006 and I knew this would happen eventually.  I found a new place and I think I like it!  Even though!


Take a load off.  I waited for over an hour.  I did not even mind. Just relaxed.

I took the Albertsons ads and made this list, then I went to the market.  Finally, chicken on sale at my price point!


I bought a bunch!


You gotta wait for this price!  Then break it up and freeze it. 

it price 

Then I splurged.


Yup.  Can not believe it.  But so looking forward to it.  😉

But this took the sting out a little.


One good thing:  in the last couple of months this list is shrinking.  Now, I need to start a new one.  (More car repair). 


I still have a lot on it, but lots has been taken care of!  That feels good.

I always keep a list of what I consider high dollar items and buy them as I can.  I don’t rush out to get them, but know they are needed ASAP.  Oh.. Robert Trucks are little gifts for my girlfriends grandson.  I promised I would buy him some and FINALLY I bought them and sent them, it took me months!  Shame!

Off to a tourney tomorrow!  Will try to post in the evening!

Hope you enjoy your spootacular night!



8 thoughts on “Halloween 2014 – Typical Day

  1. I love having a peak at other’s grocery lists. What is the $1.99 last item on the first list? Looks like a bag of pot, ha.

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