Rainy & Cold Golf Day

Hello!  I cannot believe I actually get to say (type) that.  Yes, since Friday night we’ve had rain and cold weather.  It rained most of the night and on our trip up north to the golf course on Saturday,  it poured.  We thought there could be a cancellation, but remember this tourney about a year ago?

Have you ever heard of Solvang, Ca?  A small Danish town in the middle of the rolling hills of California?  So quaint and pretty.

That’s where the tourney is this weekend and it is cold. It rained a bit during but it was still playable and the kids played on.

My daughter did so well.  I’m so proud of her scores.  Again she has a long way to go, but one of  the rules officials said that he wishes they had a most improved player award, it would go to her!  So proud!

Here’s some pics of the course for you.

It was early.  I mean really early.  We got up and 4:00 and were out of the house by 5:00.  Its  a good two hour drive and it was still dark when we got there.  It saved me a fortune by not  getting a hotel.  Some families camped but we don’t have that equipment.


This is the time when I wish I knew how to use my .iPhone camera better


It got light quickly.  Look at that fog!


Such a beautiful golf course.   I ask you is there a better way to spend time with your kid?  This is our game!


There she goes, heading down to hit some warm up balls on the range.


As you can see, I had my cart already.  It was so cold.  I even brought a blanket.  Later I used an umbrella as a wind shield.  I get an A for preparedness.


Not a bad iPhone pic!


Putting warm ups.




I wonder at times if I will I be able to actually move to Oregon when the time comes?  I think it will be a difficult decision mostly driven by the resources I have at the time.






After the game we drove thru town and stopped for a quick bite.




We split a Ruben (I used to have those with my mom) and then we split the most popular Solvang dish.  Ebelskivers. I have no idea how to spell that, so I looked it up.  There are very popular Scandinavian pancakes.  I am tempted to look for a pan at a thrift store.


Then we headed home.


PCH through Santa Barbara, Ventura then home.


You gotta love it here and I know when I retire and need to think about where to go that I will have a hard time leaving.  Once you leave here, its almost impossible to get back in!  The cost!  But that’s a borrowed worry and we don’t need that!

Today I am home cleaning and trying to play catch up.  I don’t want to leave the house at all if I can help it!  I might make a pot of chicken soup!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



6 thoughts on “Rainy & Cold Golf Day

  1. We worry a lot about where and how we will live come retirement

    We have always wanted to move to St Pete beach and live in what we lovingly refer to as a tuna can neighborhood aka trailer park with pink flamingoes. I want to be able to drive a golf cart where I need to go. I want to wear crazy lady hats with bright red lipstick with a cocktail in one hand and a cigarette in another. I want to be the “that woman”, the character. Unashamed to put in a swimsuit at that age and swim in the ocean.

    Yes, I have a dream for retirement it doesn’t require much and I hope I get to live it.

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