Plugging Along…

Hello!  Is it only Tuesday?  Gah…

I just don’t know what it is about this week. 

  • Is it the time change?
  • Is it my health?  I haven’t felt good at all since Sunday.
  • Is it my attitude?
  • Workload?
  • Stress level?

Is it all the above?


The time change has just about killed me and I think having those early mornings to get to tourneys twice last week did not help!  Lets hope that is all it is!

How are you feeling? 



2 thoughts on “Plugging Along…

  1. I’m feeling pretty good. Because of the elections I didn’t have students and got a ton of school stuff done. Hope you feel better. I think 14 hours of sunlight regardless of the month would make me feel better.

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