It Couldn’t Last Forever

Hi there,  we’re making it thru the week… ah hem… barely!

Even though I’m feeling way less than perfect (more on that in a bit) I went to a seminar for work yesterday.


Just a bunch of Hoo Haw about the hiring process.  Nope, I’m not a manager, but I go to these seminars because knowledge is power.  So even though it is written for the manager, as an employee I gain a lot of information about what an employer can and cannot do.  I don’t know why others non-managers don’t go.  I’m always the only one. Missed opportunity on their part if you ask me.

In other news… I spent some time on this site day before yesterday.


I had to find flights for me and my kid to go to Oregon soon.  My brother fronted me the money.


Now I have to figure out how to pay him back and how I’m going to pay for another trip home that might be forthcoming as well.  He didn’t ask me to pay him back for the trip in August, thank goodness!  It was on him.  Thank you big Bro!!!

And in yet more news…. I knew it couldn’t last forever, but I sure hoped it would!

I have a chronic illness and when it flares up, life is a drag.  I am now fighting a flare.  The scary part about seeing and feeling the evidence of a flare is that I know that they get progressively worse the more times you have them.

I am fighting hard right now!  Maybe I will be able to head it off with medicine and by watching the food that I put in my body.  There are certain things I know I can’t eat, like EVER.  Grapes, Popcorn, Honey as well as anything with HFCS.  Those are my major triggers. 

So now I’m back on the FODMAPS elimination plan just until I can clean out my system. If you have any issues with food and you are not sure what is causing the problem, FODMAPS is a food eliminating plan that can help you identify your triggers.  That is how I found out about what bothers me the most.  It takes about a month to complete.  The only reason I am going back on it is because the base plan takes away all the stuff and really helps you balance your gut.  Some say you need a dietitian, but I did it without one for obvious reasons! I also take more VSL#3 as well at this point.  This stuff is wicked expensive, but worth it.  I swear by it. 

If you have any questions about FODMAPS or VSL #3, please don’t hesitate!

I’m super tired, nauseous as well as REALLY dizzy.  My mouth tastes awful and my sleeping pattern is way off.  There are other “issues” but I will leave them out!    I’m trying to eat right again, sleep well and stress less.  Not always easy.

Tonight is HOA board meeting night.  If it goes too long, I am out.  I would rather be on the couch! 

Tomorrow is my Friday on but then thankfully, it’s a weekend!   Here’s hoping by next Monday things have turned around for the better!

I sure hope you all feel better than I do! Take care of yourselves!!




6 thoughts on “It Couldn’t Last Forever

  1. DG, I’m so sorry you’re feeling poorly. I just had an excellent day yesterday with my endocrinologist (type 2 diabetic) and am finally feeling more positive that the stuff I’m doing better is actually working. This is always room for improvement, but I am at last seeing some significant positive progress that encourages me to stay the course.

    Thanks for the link to FODMAPS. While I do not have these types of issues (limiting sugar and carbs is challenge enough), my DH has ongoing problems and I’m not sure he’s explored this program.

    • FODMAPS is a great way to clear out all the garbage from the diet and see what works and what doesn’t for you. I am so glad to hear you feeling better. xoxox

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