Pinterest: The Best Finds!


Happy Friday!!  I am sure you are just as happy to be done with this week as I am.

Last nights board meeting ran until 10 FREAKING 30!  I was almost in tears by the time I got home.  I can be such a wimp, but I knew that sleep was going to be difficult… and it was.  Sleep is so important to health and healing.

This weekend I can stay close to home and just be home and enjoy home because… well, there is no place like homeWinking smile

Do you need a Pinterest fix?  I sure do!  Please join me and enjoy all my different finds.    Remember, click in the image to be taken to the original source if it is available.

This looks like a great find if you are on this plan.


Hey, I can eat these!  Even now.  They are low FODMAP.  Yay!  BTW.. seeing some improvement I think. Knock wood!




I love this! 


Feeling Crafty?


Loving the spaghetti squash recipes today.


Have you ever had homemade macaroons?


I just recently had some and they were divine.  I love these soft delicate little treats.  When were in Solvang last weekend I saw a pack of them for sale, 6 for 12.99!  Seriously expensive.  No, I passed and did not buy them!  I might just have to try to make these.  I know someone who lives down the street that makes them perfectly.  Maybe I can elicit their help.

I still have a blank canvas at home that needs to be painted.  My daughter was going to paint it for me and I hope she still does.  But something like this would be great!  I love that it is a dimensional.


Gorgeous place!  Yes please take me there now!


I love the blouse!  I still have not cleaned out my closet.  Major Shame!


My daughter uses this product.  Jergen’s Glow self tanner.  I have to share this with her.  She still makes rookie mistakes by not washing her hands after applying and they end up orange.  She is 15!

I love this site for tips and tricks even for us “mature” women!  “Never give up, never slow down!”  (James Taylor)


This is so mean! (the site was iffy, so no link)!


So true!  Harder said than done sometimes, but its worth a try.


Another Take ME AWAY Moment!


I would even cozy up in here!


I am ready for winter.  I mean REALLY winter!  Hope it snows when we go to Oregon!

I have not read this book yet, or seen the movie.  Next week a friend of mine is getting me the book!!


Have you read it?

Okay, even though I do not want to stop playing in Pinterest, I better.  I had such a great time this morning and really enjoyed all the images available!!!  I hope you did too!

Have a great Friday!



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