Twenty Times a Day


It’s no wonder this journey of mine on the Chapter 13 highway crawls along at a snails pace most of the time.

I must look at the Payment Countdown page at least twenty times a day.  If not more!   Really.  I do.

I look at it on iPhone to see if it looks any different than it does on my iPad.  I check to see if it looks different on my work pc as well as my home laptop as well.  It pretty much stays the same.  😉

Here is how it looks on my iPad.


As you can seen, there appears to be some progress!

Until you look at this view.


Because you can’t even see the end.

No end in site!!!!


When I scroll down and see this I wonder how in the world.  What have I done, will I EVER
complete this thing successfully in all that time?

I realize all the changes by 2017!  My daughter will be graduating high school and driving by then.  I will be WAY older and that much closer to retirement.

When I started this journey in 2012 (click there to see my first post) my daughter such a kid.  It seems like forever ago.  Middle school.   Hell, it seems like forever ago in mom years.

I honestly can say that when I update that page monthly it is a HUGE day for me.  Huge.   I could do a dance in the hallway.  It is so satisfying.

In this situation, I have no choice but to keep plugging along and hope for the best.  There is no other choice.  It just  is.

There is a quote that I keep in mind:

Those that fail focus on what they have to go through but those that succeed focus on the outcome.

Keeping my eye on the prize!  (oh…and the countdown page!)

What are you waiting for?



7 thoughts on “Twenty Times a Day

  1. Ten years ago, I was waiting for my son to graduate high school, the unofficially official graduation for me from hands-on parenting responsibility. Since the day he was born, I had calculated the day he turned 18, then graduated high school, and I would be the parent of adult children. Life would be different; not necessarily better, just different. Now DH and I are empty nesters, the kids successfully launched into adult lives and households of their own. I am working toward mortgage-free and maybe, MAYBE retirement someday. Just like those early, sleep-deprived days with a brand new baby and two toddlers, I could not envision life with them grown up and self-sufficient. To be clear I never wished it away, never wanted them to grow up so quickly, but while that was happening I was mentally and emotionally preparing for this phase of my life. Same thing with retirement – I cannot quite imagine what it will be like, but I am anticipating it and preparing for it right now.

  2. You’re doing awesome and almost HALF WAY!! I can’t imagine the drain it puts on you, but the end is near. Two years goes by so quick in the grand scheme of things. Having a kid definitely makes time seem to go by faster (too fast!) as well. I’ve been following since the beginning and can’t wait until you make it half way, and then finish your journey! 🙂 (Formerly insidious!)

    • Hello there!!!! So nice to see you! If i look at it as only 2 more years it doesnt seem so daunting. The last 12 months are a gimmie in the end! Xoxo

  3. I have that quote taped on my work computer. I read it everyday. Also, I know it is easier said than done but quit looking at your payments. Trust me, it helps. One day at a time – today is all that matters. Keep up the good work and keep blogging, it is a great motivator for me.

    • I am! I am going to update that payment page monthly, do a happy dance and then forget about it until the next month! Thank you for stopping by!!! Xoxo

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