I Predict…


Cooler weather and maybe some rain at some point!  I  sure hope so.  We could sure use it.  Halloween and the next day was the last time we had any.  It is so dry here.

Saturday while my kid was in Golf Clinic I hit the trail.  It was so hot that used my umbrella.  I didn’t take a picture unfortunately but I met up with a donkey and a horse on the trail.  The horse was skittish of the umbrella but the donkey kept trying to get in my shade, it was so funny!

I did take some pictures later of the trail though.


It was so hot.  I ended up going back to the car early and sitting it out in the air conditioner.  Maybe it’s the meds I’m on that make it seem so hot, but it was HOT and DRY!

I continued my quest for good health yesterday and went for a walk around my area.  This time I could not resist taking pictures of the dog I met on the walk.  

Meet Sid! 


Sid is a retired Bomb Sniffer for the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department.  His owner is still working the force and was so nice to let me snap a couple of pics.  The owner said that he sometimes gives Sid a stuffed Mallard to carry around the lake and that the people he walks past really get miffed until they realize it is stuffed.  What a great sense of humor.  What a great dog.  So cute.  Thanks for your service Sid!

Still not feeling well.  I hope that with proper eating, meds and walking I can get a handle on it before the holidays.  Sux getting older, but as they say… the alternative is worse!  We just have to hope that the illnesses that come our way are not too much for us to handle in life. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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