25 Of 60 Payments = DONE

Hello… Hello!


(I’m obviously not a graphic artist either!   I wonder who added the word “payments”… hmmmmmm?)

My links are growing!  Its so funny, these are hanging in a corner of my office and nobody has asked what they are yet.  If they do, I am gonna say it’s my countdown to RETIREMENT!  HA!


As soon as I have 60 links, I’m gonna make it into a sparkly necklace./boa  and wear it with pride at my “Discharge Party”!

November 2017 – Whoop!!!

35 more payments but who’s counting – ME!

In May 2015 I’ll be half wayThat will be a good birthday present.

In the meantime, lets just hope the drama stays at a minimum.

Like Gail said, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Have a great day.



9 thoughts on “25 Of 60 Payments = DONE

  1. Good girl. Now set your thoughts on Thanksgiving and Christmas and enjoy. Don’t get caught up in what you CAN’T buy. I know it’s hard, we didn’t do Christmas or birthday for two years, nothing, nada, zip. We had dinner, Christmas movies and learned the stress from not shopping was okay too.

    My daughter understood and yours will too.

    You have my email? If so, would you email me?

    • Debtgirl2012@gmail.com

      We have christmas. I always make that happen. Probably one of the many things I should change but wont. 🙀

      I got lucky and someone left a ton of jewelry in the lunchroom so my sisters and bf are done for FREE!!!!! I post that soon! As well as my plans for kid gifts!

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