Christmas Shopping Came Early…

Hello!  It’s my Friday.  (I get every other Friday off). I’m so glad that I actually got my butt to work every. single. day this week.   It has been a rough week.  But lets forget all about that!

Check this out.  Tuesday, I went to the lunchroom and there was a FREE sign sitting on a table full of jewelry.  I was like… is this for real?  (If I wasn’t at work, I would have missed out!)


I went thru it and took a few pieces.  Then I went about my business and later I went back thru the lunchroom and there was still a bunch there!  So I took s’more!  I figured it was there all day and if the other employees weren’t gonna take it, I sure would!

I scored.  These are going to be Christmas presents for my sisters (I have four), sister in laws and my mom as well as my BFF in Portland.  Also a couple of nieces.

Tacky of me?  Should I be ashamed to give out free gifts?  Whatever, I’m in a situation here people Winking smile  and I just feel like this is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Okay, lets talk jewelry.  These items were made by a wife and daughter of one of the guys at work.  They are kind of bohemian looking and probably not the style of most of my relatives.  However, I for one love to have a piece of boho jewelry when I am feeling artsy fartsy. I think most women don’t mind having a piece of it.  And if you don’t have to buy it, even better!

My daughter and I took them out of the bags last night and looked through and tried to decide who gets what?

There’s a couple of bracelets and a bunch of chandelier earrings.


My daughter helped me decide who gets what.  My mom gets the bracelet!


The best part of this is that they are so easy to wrap up and take with!


They are lightweight too, easy on the ears.


Some are bigger than the others.


But they are all kind of hippy dippy and I like that.  It works for Portland anyway right?


Different colors with various styles.


An awesome opportunity.


I usually send up a bar of soap, an ornament, or candy.  Nothing expensive and something I usually find on sale.  I just want my family up north to know that I think of them and that we are still here! We usually get little packages from a couple of my sisters as well.

I will buy something for my mom when I get there as well.  I need to see what she needs and usually buy a heating blanket, slippers or something practical.  I think she needs new pillows!

Remember a couple of years ago when I made these ornaments?  I think that was probably my worst idea.    Cute, but super duper cheap and way too time consuming!

I think that my Christmas shopping is mostly done for my Oregon family.    I don’t usually buy the brothers (four of them) anything.  I do have to get my BFFs grandson some trucks!  He always expects me to bring him some.  Even though I just sent him some.  It’s Christmas after all!

So what do you think?  Tacky??  Please say no!

Have a great day!



14 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Came Early…

  1. I wear very little jewelry, but I love it when someone gifts me with funky pieces that are not my usual style. It happens rarely and is usually something off-beat and unique. I think luck was with you and surely you need not confess the free price?

  2. I would think not. I am sure they understand your circumstances and appreciate you thinking of them.

    Our family on both sides do not buy for each other. We decided to take care of our own and the parents. We have a dinner with everyone and call it good.

  3. I don’t think it’s tacky, I think it was meant to be. I bet the person who left the jewelry would love knowing it is being appreciated. And WOW, 4 brothers and 4 sisters!!!! I wish I had a larger family. I have 2 sisters. My dad was an only child. My mom has 1 sister, with 1 child. Anyway, cool about the hippy jewelry. I like the kind of jewelry from art festivals, not jewelry stores.

  4. I don’t think it’s tacky. I really like it–especially the fun earrings. I agree with Kimncolumbis that the person who made the jewelry would love knowing that is is appreciated, and I think your family will like how it looks.

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