Low Key Sunday

Today I’m hanging out at home relaxing and healing. Hopefully healing.  Seems there might be some progress but the thought to stay home from work tomorrow has crossed my mind.  Will see how I feel later.


Yesterday I was able to take my kid to her golf clinic and then we stopped at Trader Joes and Petco.  More on Petco in another post.  Titillating I know!

I ran out of instant oat meal so I bought some of the Trader Joes brand.


It’s so good!  I had two whole packets this morning and recently I started adding my almond milk to it. The warm oats with the cold milk is….. divine!!!  Heaven in a bowl I tell ya!


Trader Joes has fairly inexpensive Low Acid coffee and that is one reason for my trip there.  Its a must have if you have acid reflux or just need low acid diet.


Onto other things.

I have an idea!   Next to my bed I have a bunch of cables.  See?  (Please ignore the dust bunnies and the unmade bed)!


Really unattractive and a rather dangerous trip hazard, yep, first hand experience!

So I thought… why not move the mess to the other side of the bed, out of sight.  One problem, there is no table to put the laptop, phone or iPad on while charging and there is not very much room between the wall and the bed.


Ah Ha!  Light bulb moment!  I have this!


Its been out on my patio under cover next to my outdoor chair.  I pulled it out.  Lots of cobwebs, so I gave it a good cleaning.

I would have hosed it off outside but the hose is gone,  I did the best I could within the house.


Made kind of a mess, but there were so many cobwebs and I’m still nervous of the spiders.  Bug spray is on my list and I plan on spraying it soon!  JIC!


It fits perfectly in the area and now I have no more ugly cables and wires and a place to put the electronics while they charge.


Isn’t it great when we have what we always needed!  Right?


Off to do some laundry and puzt around s’more.

Maybe later today I will feel well enough to make a couple of these with what I already have on hand in my craft supply.

birdie ornament-0032

I just love them.  Simple and kind of elegant.

Have a wonderful Sunday friends.



3 thoughts on “Low Key Sunday

  1. I am so sorry you’re still feeling poorly. LOVE the solution for your electronics! Next, when you are feeling better, I am imagining some paint and sprucing of the bench? It seems like a future DebtGirl beautification project.

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