Taking It Slow

Hello,  I’m back to work today.  I made myself get up and get back in the saddle.  If I can make it through a day of work my life will feel normal again and I will feel better mentally and emotionally.  If you have chronic illness you know what I mean.

I am on new drugs and they are not pretty.  I have so much work/research to do just to understand them.   It will all work out.

But forget all that.  I wanna post something mundane, normal and just plain boring.  Makes me feel good!  HA!

I hope you don’t find it boring!  There is an exciting aspect.  A new pot!  HA again!

Remember this?


Well, I am so close to my new pot!


At 120 of those green stamps I get this 6 quart for free.  Then I can add my old one to the Garage Sale pile.


I will keep that new pot forever and when I move back to Oregon, I will remember how I got it.

Exciting huh?

I love boring mundane days when I feel well enough to work and blog.

It’s the small stuff.

Have a great day friends.



2 thoughts on “Taking It Slow

  1. Glad you are on the mend.

    Our store is doing something similar except with Lodge bakeware. When I was little I remember Greenstamps. Also, they woukd put towels and China in detergent boxes.

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