Saturday Scoop

Hi there!  What’s the scoop?

What are your plans today?  Here’s the scoop in my little corner of the world.

Right now as I type this, I have a pot of chicken bone  broth  in the crock pot, since last night!  It just sounds better as just broth no?  Last night I stopped at Bristol Farms and picked up a Free Range roasted chicken and check this out:

Turkey necks!  I know!  They weren’t in the case, but  I asked the butcher and he went back and got me some!   These are free range, antibiotic free, hormone free.  I got two packs as I plan on making this “broth” a lot! I used some broth from my last batch to make our rice last night and so my daughter is reaping the benefits as well.

My healthy broth is cooking for 24 hours in the pressure cooker that doubles as a crock pot.  I’m so happy.  The benefits of this broth are AMAZING and I am not messing around with this flare.  Again, go here for a list of reasons to make this! Its a must have in any diet.

Also on my list of things for today is grocery shopping.  I want to go to Sprouts and Albertsons, after Golf Clinic of course.

Lots to buy for dinner on Thanksgiving but I already have a turkey breast in the freezer!  If I knew I was going to be on a soup kick I would have bought a small whole turkey!  No big.  I eat lots of lean protein daily as well.

Some items  are for Thanksgiving and some for staples, but all good deals.

I  want to pick up this Salmon.  It’s $2.00 off a pound.  I think I would like to try that mustard sauce I posted here.


I know, call me lazy, but I think prepared mashed potatoes are way better!


Gotta have this for my girl!


I am making my own cranberries.  When I bought these at the 99 cent store, I didn’t read the ingredients.  Full of



Gotta have something to snack on.


Albertsons has a few things and you cannot beat these prices anywhere!

$2.50 for butter!  That’s like half off.  I will buy 3~   I don’t use anything but real butter.


And really!?!  .39 cents!  I will buy 10!  We eat a lot of green beans!


There is more on my grocery list, but this is a snapshot of just some of the deals from the paper.  I swear if you watch the paper you can really stretch your dollar.  I am getting closer to my free pot!

Here’s what else is on my agenda for the weekend.

Yesterday I started cutting out some of these shapes!


I am determined to make some of those little song birds at some point this weekend.  My daughter said she might join me.  I printed out some sheet music to use.  So both free!

I would love to get a Christmas tree up!  I’ve been looking and Home Depot and Osh both got theirs in yesterday.  Home depot can’t sell until they get their permit and the guy at Osh told me they were just setting them up but might start selling today!  Its on the way back from Golf Clinic so that is convenient.

I would really like to have it up for Thanksgiving and take it down before we leave for Oregon next month.

My daughter wants to use our log cabin ornaments that I bought on a trip to Lake Arrowhead a lifetime ago.  So she is chief decorator this year.

So grocery shopping, a little crafting, setting up a tree and laundry.  That will make up my Saturday and probably some of my Sunday too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy and warm where ever you are!








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