Log Cabin Christmas

Hello!  What’s planned for your Sunday?

When I got online this morning I wanted to check the weather here because my kid is golfing. Um… its in the 70s.  A bit windy, but she can deal with that if it doesn’t get too bad.

I cannot believe what the rest of the country is dealing with.  Beacon Hill,  Boston.  I have lived there and I’ve experienced Boston winters but not like that!


If you are under snow be warm, safe and stay in.  Make soup!  (Yesterday, my broth turned out perfectly gelled and loaded with collagen!)  Its my face lift in a pot.

Yesterday was a good day.  My kid stayed with me the whole day and really helped me out.

  • We got our grocery shopping done
  • Picked up a new pair of scissors so I can trim her hair
  • Picked up some polyurethane so I can seal an area around the sink
  • Bought a paper punch and ribbon so I can make the songbirds
  • Picked up and decorated our tree and more!

Then we watched a movie last night with the Christmas tree glowing.  Edgar Allen Poe.  Stonehearst Asylum.


This movie could be made into an iPad game easily.  Great twists and turns.  Typical Poe.

Back to the tree!   Years ago, when I thought I was loaded, I rented a cabin in Lake Arrowhead for New Years.  It was not that expensive to be honest and I shared the cost with a buddy. My mother came and joined us and I will not trade that memory for anything.

While we were there, I took advantage of some ornament sales and bought lots of log cabin themed ones.  My daughter used those to decorate our tree this year.  Yes, its early but I’m in the mood and now we are done.  I’m keeping it simple, just the tree. No other decor.  It feels really good.

Our tree comes from Oregon. They all do here.  We feel like we have a little piece of home in our living room.  I love it!


My girl did most of the work once we put it up.  Bringing up the boxes was enough for me!


She did a great job.


This bird and nest has been apart of my tree for almost 20 years, no matter the theme, she goes on it.


Very log cabin!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cabin in the woods?


A place to escape to?


I would love to have a small, modest place.  A get away from it all.

IMG_8731 i

Where I could commune with the squirrels!  Ha!

We did set out a few of our friends.


I think it looks wonderful.


We added some burlap this year.  See the notes on it?  I think when I finish a few song birds and add them it will be nice.  Not too many though as I think it looks perfect just the way it is.


Our little Noble Fir cost $32.00 and is well worth it.

Today I will finish up laundry and cleaning and continue to putz around the condo.  I’m still in healing mode.  My hope of all hopes is that by by the time go home for a visit I will be in remission and able to spend quality time with my mother.

Have a great day all and stay well.



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