Wishing my Life Away

Two day work week.  Thank you Universe!

Do you feel the holidays came on quickly this year?  I’m so okay with that.  It means time is flying and at this stage of the game – I want it to!  We all know why!

Wishing my life away has become the norm.  But after the “Sixty Payments is done, I’m sure I’ll want to put on the brakes.

Oh wait, then I will be counting down  to retirement.


Speaking of which, I thought I would share this with you.


I cannot actually collect full Social Security until I am 67!!! Sixty SEVEN!   I’ve been dreaming of retirement at age 63.  I don’t think that’s going to happen unless my health really takes a dive or I’m so senile I cannot keep up with current technology.  Winking smile

I might still go for 65.  Here’s why:



I think a 13% cut is worth it.  I’ll collect it over a longer period of time.

Even 65 sounds so far away right now, but it’s really only 10.5 years.  ONLY! WAAAAA!

Social Security is not my only plan.  I’ll have a small pension.  If I can hold out until I am 65 I’ll have 60.45% of my income and if I ever get a raise (which I have not in 6 years) than it will be all that much more.

That is after 25 years of service.  No one gets rich working in the public sector.  Trust me on that.

Here’s my rough retirement plan:

  • Take the equity of my So Cal Condo and buy a modest place in my beautiful home state of Oregon.
  • Have my pension/Social Security to sustain me.
  • I’ll have medical from work as well as Medicare supplement.  Whatever Medicare does not cover my work medical will take care of, that is huge for me as I am very sick girl!

I think I’ll be okay.  I may even at that point work part-time if they hire an old bat like me.

I can become a Wallmart Greeter!  Welcome to Wallmart!

What are your plans?  Are you looking forward too?



9 thoughts on “Wishing my Life Away

    • Gail, how scary! What have you researched as far as medicare and socoial security goes? Are you married? Do you have any savings? A house is not necc for retirement but it is one reason I in bk to try to save that asset! If you have huge debt load you can look at chapter 7 and instread of paying debt, save it! Just some thoughts, xoxo

  1. We have no debt, what little retirement we had we used in trying in survive and keep the house before we filed chapter 7. I am 57 and married, but we have no idea what we will do.

    In all sincerity I really have no desire to live that long into older age.

    • Gail, something always comes up and things work out. So keep plugging away and try to stay positive. Maybe there is always low income apts, as well as food stamps and welfare subsidy. I have lived on both as a kid. This country has a long way to go to take care of our elderly. Just try to enjoy one day at a time and dong worry. That coming from the biggest worry wart you will ever meet. Xoxo

  2. Good info on the % depending on what age you retire. 65 sounds good to me too, rather than 67! Fourteen more years for me. I’ll have social security, my dh will be able to get half of my amount, and whatever I can save into my 401k between now and then. In about 2 years (when DD is on her own) I should be able to really increase my contributions, my company matches half, up to 3% and they also put in a profit sharing portion of 3.4% of my salary each year. We will also have our house paid by then, so plan to move to somewhere lower cost of living and have some equity out of our house to add to retirement savings. We certainly won’t be well off, but should be able to manage to live comfortably.

    • I didnt think of the time when my DD will be gone and some expenses will drop. I will always have to cover what I can for her while she in school though. But hopefully my next increase will include match contribution and I will try to take afvantage of that. Its good to think about it now. For sure. It will never be enough but at least it is a little something something.

  3. Whew, this is too complex. And, it’s too late at night fore me to get my head around all the details.I think that I’ll just keep working for awhile–than I won’t need to figure this out until later. 🙂

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