Great Deals * Free Cookware

Hi there!

It’s the start of a five day break and I could not be happier.  Ok, not true.  I could be starting my Thanksgiving break without a huge mess under my sink and a super leak!


This is a one handle faucet and leaking up a storm.  I Google’d it and I think I can fix it myself.  I plan on getting the kit ASAP.  I think there must be more than just this leak because underneath the sink is wet.  I will start with this leak and see if it fixes it.  More on that in another post.  GAH!

I want to share my deals with you!  Remember these?


Last time I went to the market, I forgot the coups!!!  So I grabbed my coups and  I picked everything up today at lunch as well as this:


I just could not pass that up! (Notice they don’t have the coupons in the store!)

I can roast that anytime and the bones will make a wonderful soup!  Into the freezer with this bird!

While I was at it I picked up the free pot I wanted since September!  I had just enough stamps!




Isn’t it pretty?


I am pretty happy about that.  Now I guess I have to go for the small one, then I’m done.  I need to start  shopping the other store sales as well.  I just had to have that pot!  😉  Trying to get rid of most if not all my Teflon!

I think this is quite a deal.

FullSizeRender1I bought a $22.00 turkey for $7.00!

That is a deal and that is how you TRY to make it to a successful Discharge!

Now as long as I don’t have to pay any plumbers I will be super happy!

Every little bit counts!



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