Happy Thanksgiving 2014


Hello!   I hope you have wonderful plans today filled with good food and family!

I want to let you know that the faucet crisis was averted.  Barely!

I went to the hardware store and bought a kit and when I got home and took apart  the faucet I realized I have a ceramic type faucet, not a ball.  So at this point I had to go back to the store and see if they had a kit  that would fit.


Isn’t that the way it goes? They didn’t have one.  So I bought a new faucet.  That can’t be too hard to do either!


Then I tried to pull of the base of the faucet off and it would not budge!  I would need  crane!  It was stuck.  So I called a buddy, the same buddy that helped me change out my garbage disposal and he told me to go to another smaller plumbing store and they had my parts!


So with that and a wrench that I bought and the muscle that my friend brought over later I was able to fix my faucet for under $40.00~!


Can I just remind you how great Google is!


If you have something broken check here to see how hard it is before you just call some dude with baggy pants over to  charge you $100.00 just to show up!  Twice that on Thanksgiving Weekend I am sure.

Chances are, you can do it yourself if you have muscle!  That was the only thing that I didn’t have and man, that miffs me!

Now I just have to to take back the faucet and the kit that did not fit.  It’s all good!

Our plans are to stay home, have a small traditional dinner and watch the parade and dog show!  The guy that hosts the show lives in my town.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2014

    • Something broken? Always try to fix it yourself first. You will be amazed what you can learn to do on google! I have changed toilet handles and even dimmer switches!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. We are sitting here with the big newspaper and ads spread out, ballgame, and coffee.

    I said the gift of contentment is the best gift and it’s not found on Black Friday.

    Take care.

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