Black Friday

Hello!  Have you been or are you going to be shopping today?  This morning I went online to check out the best deals for laptops and strangely enough, the best deal is only available in the store! A Dell laptop for 179.00 at Office Depot. That’s a steal.

Maybe later, I’ll drive by and see is if one available.  If so, I might pick it up, if not, I wont cry!    I’m sitting here typing on a PC that works such as it is.  It does work!  I might be able to milk it just a little bit longer.

$179.00  is a lot of money to me and I do have to make my daughters Christmas special as well as pay my brother back for the airfare to Portland, not to mention have some money to actually take with to Portland.

So many things wanted/needed, so little money.  That is what I signed up for during this 5 year plan and it has really taught me the value of a dollar:

Needs vs Wants.  Pay attention or pay the piper. Tough lesson.

I never, ever want to pay interest again or get in that kind of bind.  Lesson Learned and Learning!  The credit card companies can kiss my rosy!

My big plans for spending (on wants)  is coming up soon.     We are going to the Fashion district in L.A.IMG_4328-1024x768

Where CASH is KING baby!  Santee Alley is a really popular place.


You can pick up knock off Louis Vuitton for a steal.


I want to get a bag for my kid and some jewelry knock offs as well.  This stuff is supposed to be the best!  Illegal, probably.  Lock me up!  My kid doesn’t care if its knock off and neither do I.  As long as it holds up “pretty well”.  I am okay with that.  It’s an LA Experience that we have not had.

Today my kid is working, yep, the mom called her back to babysit for a few hours.  She’s so happy!

While she’s working, I’m going for a walk and then gonna try to fix the rim on the wheel well of my car.  The trim is hanging off and I’m gonna glue it.  LOL!  Or should I duct tape it?  Kidding!  I have a glue that might work.  I don’t want to cut it off.  If I can’t fix it I’ll take it to a body repair, they can bond it with something I hope.

That’s about it.  Putz around and get a box that I am shipping to Portland ready.  I bought some pretty little bags for those jewelry pieces and I would like to add a song bird to them if I can ever find the time to do that craft!

So that is my black Friday.  If you are out and about, remember needs vs wants and it will help you to keep calm and make rash decisions.  If you do buy something, make sure it is the lowest price possible, take advantage of the day!

Happy (smart) shopping!



2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. My husband really needs a laptop (he has been computerless for years) but we were going to wait until Cyber Monday. I wonder if there will be any deals then. Knock-offs are fine, as long as they are great quality – I’m all for buying things once and that’s it.

  2. Hi there. I just read on freeadomthirtyfive (in my blog roll) that you don’t really get great deals today, better ones around the 18th! I completely forgot about Cyber Monday!!!! Thanks for the reminder and for stopping by. So nice to see you!

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