Two More Days Off

Hello – Hello!

Did you get your shopping done yesterday?  Did you ignore the whole mess?  I did!

Here’s how I handled that potentially stressful day! 

I got up and took myself for my lake walk after I dropped my daughter off at her babysitting gig.


It was beautiful out and  I’m feeling better every day!  (Knock wood, you never know.)  That was my second lake walk since the flare.  I hope to get some exercise in today as well.

Then  I came home and tried to glue the trim back on my car. I think I made a mess.  I need to clean up the overage and take it for a wash today.   I have a feeling it won’t work.  Waaaa!  Off to find a body shop that can help me out.  I hope I find one that won’t be to expensive.

IMG_8817 .

Then I started my songbirds.   So cute!  I can’t wait to show you the finished product

FullSizeRender  f

That’s how I avoided the crowd yesterday, the stress and the angst of the Doorbuster! 

My list of things to do over the next couple of days:

  • Golf lesson –  half hour only (cheaper)!
  • Take a short hike
  • Pick up a couple of things we WANT for our trip to Oregon, warm pajamas and socks being first and foremost on that list
  • Make some 48 hour broth
  • Decoupage some songbirds
  • Go thru closet
  • Mop floors
  • Wash car
  • Get box ready to ship to Oregon
  • Christmas cards

So you see, I still have quite a to do list!  Even though I got so much done with this super long five day weekend, I still have tons more to do.  That’s life! 

I have two more days to do it and at least none of it is stressful! 

Have a wonderful day friends!  I hope your to do lists are shrinking!



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