One Wet Sunday

I loved every. single. drop!

I waited for a little let up in the rain and then I laced up!


It was beautiful outside.


We are not blessed with weather like this often enough.


I took advantage of every second I was out.


I turned off my iPhone music just to listen to the rain.


Thank goodness I brought my umbrella.


It makes me miss Oregon more than ever.

Go Ducks!


The California ducks are loving it as well.


The lake was so pretty in this different weather.


Hey, that’s not how this works.


I really need that umbrella cause it opened up!


It just continued to pour for the whole hour I was out there!FullSizeRender14

What a difference a day makes.


Gracie waited at home warm and cozy for me.


I didn’t leave the house at all on Sunday after my walk.  I stayed by the Christmas tree, lit candles and found some free old movies on demand.

Didn’t spend a dime!  Yes!

What a wonderful way to spend a rainy, Sunday afternoon.

How was your Sunday?



6 thoughts on “One Wet Sunday

  1. It rained up here as well, and while I didn’t love it quite as much as you did (I had stuff I wanted to get done outside that the rain interrupted), we need it so desperately I will happily reschedule.

    Love the pictures of your fluff buckets! Having never been a cat provider before, I am finding our three adoptees rather perplexing. Slowly but surely they are eaching coming around more and more.

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