Song Bird Ornaments


Hello!  I started this project a couple weeks ago.  It’s so easy and fast, (and cute!)  I just don’t know what my problem was getting it done, but it is done now.

This project cost me a couple of bucks for a hole punch.  That’s it!

First I printed out the pattern and found some cardboard to use.  An old file folder did the trick.


Then I traced them.


Like so.


Then I cut them out:


I got quite a few.


I found some music online and printed that out.


Then I tore it up and Mod Podged it onto the cardboard cut outs.

First one side.


Let it dry and then  trim it around the bird.

If you Mod Podge both sides, you wont’ be able to see where to trim. (Something I would do.)

Then Mod Podge the other side.


Let it dry.

I decided to paint the wings white before I glittered them.  I think silver paint would have been better.

But this will do.


Add glitter, of course!


Now the birds are all dry and ready to fly.


After the glitter dried I used a hot glue gun to put them on.

FullSizeRender (3)

The final touch is the ribbon to either use to hang the ornament on the tree or tie on a package.


I’m using these as a little gift to add to the jewelry presents I’m taking to Oregon.

I think they are cute and that is my big holiday craft for this  year!  Winking smile

Cross that off my list of “To Do List” and now I have to get those Christmas Cards out!

What are you making this year anything?



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