Christmas Cards – 2014


How is it going?  Are you still in the throngs of getting ready for Santa?  We are, but taking it easy as can be.

It’s early!  I woke up with the worst headache.  Like a vice grip.  I suppose being on 5 different meds will do that – I wish I were healthier, (heavy sigh) it would make life so much easier.  You never listen when you are a kid to anyone that tells you “health is the most important thing in life, without it, YOU GOT NUTHIN!”  It is so true!

Ok, enough complaining!

I wanted to share with you my chosen cards this year.  Remember 2012 when we glittered up our own?

This year we took the easy way out.

The first one is my favorite.


Just a simple note inside.

FullSizeRender (3)

No wait.  This one is my favorite.

FullSizeRender (5)

Very snowy and white!

FullSizeRender (7)

Okay, I can’t decide.  I love them both.  That’s why I chose them both.

Check this out.  My daughter is definitely her mother’s daughter!


She loves the rain almost as much as I do!

Have you got your cards picked out?  Are you ahead of the game and already have them sent?  Do you send cards?  I think it’s getting to be a lost tradition.  I am not ready to let it go yet.

Have a good one friends.  Stay cozy.



6 thoughts on “Christmas Cards – 2014

  1. I send out just a few cards each year, to long-time friends I will not see this holiday season. I get so many from various charities I support that I never need to actually purchase any. Love your choices, though!

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