Pinterest – Outdoor Winter Beauty


Today I was about to post the boring, bland food that I have to eat!  However, I’m craving scallops right now, the big, huge wonderful kind!  Like these! I definitely see this in my immediate future paired with a nice Pinot Grigio!  Yum!  Not boring at all!


But, I decided to table that for another post and spent some quality time on Pinterest.  I know its not Friday, but my soul thinks its time for a break into the fantasy that is Pinterest. 

So here we go, enjoy. Remember to click on the image to be taken to the original source if available.

I have to add that some of the blogs that these images came from are worth the visit! 

Let’s start with this little guy!


“Central Park, New York at Christmas time. Have always wanted to visit here, especially at Christmas.”  Oh to dream!




I know some folks get enough of this white stuff, but not here in So. Cal!


I think a blanket of freshly fallen snow makes the world look so magical!

I can just hear this horse huffing and puffing, can’t you?


Such a cute idea.  I wish I lived back east where the buildings and structures are REAL!  You can actually decorate like this. Here it just looks like another Disneyland façade.  So fake!


“Quebec, Canada The most inexpensive trip to France”  Huh… that’s a thought!

Click the following image to be taken to The HGTV Top Christmas Towns.


Simple.  Rustic.  Perfect.


“NYC. Manhattan in winter.”


The Alps.


One of my favorite places anytime of year!  Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.


I am going to visit if I can this month!


One of my most cherished places of home.

I cannot leave out Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.


Hi old friend!  I’m talking to you Mountain!

An old covered bridge.  Yep, Oregon has them too!  This is in Cottage Grove.


I’ll leave you today with a picture of a Winter Robin.


I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for these birds. Growing up in Oregon they were everywhere, including my grandmothers house.  She saved one once and named it Robby and that bird never left her shoulder.  I KNOW!

Have a wonderful day where ever you are and remember we are almost to Friday.  We got this.





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