Full Day – ChaChing


How is your weekend going?  Well, I spent $ money $ today.  I don’t usually do too much of that,  I mean, of course, I spend money, but it just seems like more than usual today.  I did watch it, but it goes fast if you are not careful.

I dropped my daughter off at her golf clinic and took off to a new indoor swap meet in the area.  I mean, its brand new!


I was very early, and it was really empty.  It is so new that the booths are not all full yet with vendors.


There were a few cute places open though.


Surprisingly, not cheap. I didn’t buy anything.   I think this going to fill up and be very popular soon!

Then I went Target and bought a gift-wrap container. Only its not for gift wrap.  I’m going  to use it as an extra kitty box while I am gone.  I also bought a gift for my daughter for Christmas morning in Oregon.  It had to be small to pack away.  I will show you that soon.  Ah-hem…. half off!


Then I went to Petco with my reward coupon and bought the litter.  OMG, is this not the cutest?


So cute. I had to take a picture for you.

I headed back to the course to wait for my kiddo.


We stopped at Old Navy on the way back and I actually bought some clothes for me!  They have coats on sale for 50% off and I got a cute one.  I will share my finds in another post.

Finally I stopped at Vons to pick up some Scallops and Gluten free Barilla pasta and Check.This.Out!

Regular price:  Look at the price per pound! Seriously, per pound!


My price:


Yep, I could not believe it.  I went in specifically for these and wow, did I score!


I picked up other fish for half off as well for the freezer!

The scallops, to die for, the Barilla pasta is GF and you cannot even tell!  Seriously, it was so nice.


Dinner was awesome!!  I figured it out. Hot pan, 2 minutes per side and perfection.

I still cannot believe the timing and the luck I had to buy those scallops at that price, right?

I hope you are getting lots done too!



2 thoughts on “Full Day – ChaChing

  1. The food looks delicious. I love checking out the pet store for the small animals (dogs and cats being there make me sad, but the bunnies and hamsters are adorable). Lately I’ve been spending a bit more than I’d intended as well. It will slow down though.

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