Santee Alley – Louis Vuitton

We did it!  We drove to L.A.


It was an easy drive, past Capitol Records.


It was easy after I  got lost and then found again!


Only took about 40 minutes!


Then we were there!


Santee Alley.  I have lived in So. Cal since 1984 and have never been here!  The alley goes on for blocks but the whole fashion district seems like miles long!!  So many places to shop!


We came for one thing, and one thing only!  We were on a mission!


So we started to walk around and wait for vendors to whisper in our ears…”Coco, Prada, LV”.  Nobody.  Not a word.  So I started asking quietly and got a lot of head shakes.  Then all of a sudden I asked a guy and he pointed to an older guy and told me to talk to him.  So I did.

The older guy said.  “Follow me”.  I kid you not.

We went up some crazy, dicey stairs and found ourselves up on a roof top with small storage units.  He made a call.  Another guy showed up with a key, looked us over, nodded and then opened the storage unit and we walked back in behind the black curtain to find a bunch of handbags, all knock offs, all pretty good.

We picked out two, haggled a bit and got a good price.  He stuck them in a big black bag and we got the hell out of there!

My kids was like… “um mom, what was that all about?”  I was like “just keep walking and lets go!”

Mission accomplished.  I had so much fun doing that it was not even funny!

Heres the loot!

Bag one: Seriously cute.




Are these the greatest knock offs?  Probably not.  I have no idea.  Good enough for me!


My kid is thrilled and I had so much fun just doing that!  I must have criminal blood or something!

Bag two:


It comes with a little make up bag.


The hardware leaves a lot to be desired as well.   So what?  Its just for fun!


But come on!  LV!


How fun is that!?!


I got a happy kid and I had a blast going there.  I am definitely going back someday.  There is everything under the sun there.  I actually can’t wait to go back!

As soon as my budget is back on track after the holidays.

Okay, I spent $130.00 for both these bags.  So in my view, totally worth it.

If you buy knock offs online, you spend a lot more than that AND you have to get them from China where you could wait months.

I have never bought knock offs before! My kid wanted them and at least she realizes the real thing is not even a possibility, but she is pleased as punch to be able to have these cuties!

Would you buy knock offs?

Next time I want a Chanel for me!  😉

That was a fun LA thing to do!



15 thoughts on “Santee Alley – Louis Vuitton

  1. I am so glad you didn’t get hurt following someone into a place like and it turn out to be a sting operation.

    I wouldn’t know the difference between a real and a fake LV. Have not seen either closeup.
    I do own a real Chanel and Balanciga and u can tell you the B is well used the Chanel has been sitting in its box wrapped like the day I bought it. I realized I do not like chain strap.
    Enjoy the purses but stay out if the alley b

      • Just a little shady! Omg there was a guy standing outside the restrooms charging 50 cents. The people gave him the money and he handed the a wad of tissue and a seat liner!!! Omg my kids face was priceless when she saw that!!! It was weird and funny and different!!!!

      • I have been reading about the protests and fires. I am not sure if you are close but I would be afraid to get out and be in a crowd. Stay safe.

  2. I adore LV. I mean I have this weird obsession with it. Many years ago, when we were stupid with money and credit cards, my husband bought me a real Louis . I do love it. But now I’d definitely buy a knock off, who cares!!!
    Glad it was so much fun.

  3. I had a Furberry (fake Burberry) that I picked up in Mexico about ten years ago: $35 for the super-cute purse and matching makeup bag. It didn’t look like the style of any Burberry purse; it just had the pattern and the logo.

  4. How impressed are you with the fake LV? I’ve been wanting one for forever & might go to santee valley tomorrow!

    • Hi Bailey, its super cute! My kid has been using it alot, and since I bought this one, I have seen really bad knock offs. This one great quality for the $$. Let me know how your experience goes.

      • I sure will! So I just ask around the employees where someone can lead me to the knock off designer purses??

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Bailey, they usually will ask you. Just start looking Ans walking around. I just got in a hurry and so I started asking the guys on the street. Not people inside cause they might think you are a cop. I dont think its illegal to buy it though.

  5. I know the fire in your eyes and heart flying feeling you get when you walk away. Its frekin 👌 awesome. I wish i had a cali hookup. Lol let me know when u go again. I have a huge LV bag now. Looks real and smells real.

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