Thought That Deal Was GOOD?

I am on a roll!

I know that the scallop deal was awesome!  I mean, a super, duper, really good deal.  Since then I went back to Von’s to pick something up and check this out.  I got salmon on sale for half off as well!  I picked up 4 pieces.  My freezer is full! 

When ever you can get meat or fish on sale for half off, my motto is GRAB IT!

Now here is another deal I could not pass up.

The other day we were at CVS and we noticed  perfume on sale, buy 2 get 1 FREE.   I passed it up. Yeah, it’s a good deal, but Meh!

Then Yesterday, I received a coupon in my inbox,  $10.00 off of perfume purchase at CVS if over $30.00

I was like.. Hmmmmm… This could be interesting.

I remembered I have other CVS coupons and this morning, after I dropped off my kid I went by CVS to see if I could find something I might like.

I thought getting my mom a perfume might be a good idea!  I know its cheap, and that doesn’t make me feel good, but I think she might like it.

Check this out!

I got this for me because back in the day, this was my kind!  I love the memories it invokes.


I got this for my kid for under the tree:


And I got this for my mom!


Because I think she will like it!

Now here’s the scoop.  Check out this receipt.


Buy two, get one free, so already $19.99 off.

Then $25.00 more dollars off with the coupons I had and the one I downloaded from online!

I saved $44.99.

I spent only $16.48 for this purchase. 

That is less than the price of one box of perfume!

I would say that was a pretty good deal.

How come I didn’t think this way before BK?  Shoot, I could have been a millionaire had I been playing my cards (and coupons) right this whole time!

What’s your favorite old school perfume?



10 thoughts on “Thought That Deal Was GOOD?

  1. coulda, woulda, shoulda been there done that. We do better now because we know better.
    Don’t know about you, but I am done beating myself up. Would I’ve done things different? Doubtful, I have made a lot of mistakes this is another bump in the road.
    Great bargains.

  2. Such great deals! I am somewhat (okay, very) picky about my perfumes that I spend actual money on. These days, I’m really into the rollerballs: they last a long time (you use less per application) and end up being cheaper than the bottles. The sample sized perfumes are also really neat (and last much longer than you would think).

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