Touching Base


Just a quick hello!  Hello!

Wednesday night I woke up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, chills and fever.  I was so sick.  I did not make it to work Thursday and I’m glad  today was my day off, because I probably would have called in sick again.


The fever finally broke, but both yesterday and today I asked my kid to find a ride to school.  I can usually get myself up to take her, but with the rain and the way I felt physically, it was just a good idea for her to get a ride.  Thankfully she did, so I stayed in bed.

The doctor is pretty sure it’s not my meds, but some kind of flu.  That was the silver lining.  I am trying to fight this flare and do not know what other meds to take!  It would have  been devastating to start with a different med regime.  I feel I need to stick with these meds until after the holidays!

I haven’t done too much the last few days!  This afternoon after I picked up my kid, I took her and dropped her off at the mall so she could shop.   I sneaked over to Macy’s to pick up a robe for $11.00.  Remember the $25.00 gift card I won for Halloween?  I put that toward a robe for my kid.  Now I am done with her.

Finishing Christmas cards tonight as I watch Lisa Robertson Grand Finale on QVC.  It’s her last night.  I adored her when I watched it,  for years.  She’s changed a lot, but I still think she is lovely.


I do not shop QVC anymore.  I haven’t in years! The prices went up and the quality has gone way down. When I found out she was leaving, I just wanted to check it out.

Tomorrow my kid has a tourney.  I’m not volunteering for it.  I just want to come home and then I will pick her up later.  Its a waste of gas, but I can’t see me sitting out on the course for five hours.  Just can’t do it.  Really need to watch my health right now.

So with that,  I am going to get those cards done. 

Have you been able to avoid getting sick?



8 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. Sorry you are feeling bad! Just take care of yourself and don’t try to over do it. I’m lucky in that I rarely get sick, not even a cold. I did get the flu shot, too.

    • I didnt get a flu shot, i hope that short flu is all i get this season but being on autoimune supressents is making me volnerable me thinks! Not looking forward to flying next week!

  2. Ugh, poor you, DebtGirl! This has been a bad quarter for feeling poorly, and I certainly hope you’re feeling much better before your trip home. While we were just in Portland, I miss it and am already looking forward to our trip next year.

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