Right Around the Corner

Our trip is coming up soon.

I got busy wrapping up this jewelry:


I put it in pretty little fabric bags with these little songbirds that I made and attached.


They looked rather pathetic.  Kind of a Fail.

So today I bit the bullet and spent a few more bucks on these little cozy socks and now I have nicer gifts to offer.


Nothing like giving gifts that are pathetic.  But now I’m happy and they didn’t cost that much more!  Everything is wrapped up and ready to go.


I am checking a bag and these are going in it.  I was going to send a box via snail mail, but checking is free still on Southwest!


Nice wrap job huh?  😉

I even bought a couple sweet things for my great nieces.


They are the only kids I buy for (besides my BFFs grandson’s truck) because they are my brothers granddaughters and I’m sure they will be by his house where we are staying.  They are pretty close to my daughters age as well.   I usually just buy sisters, mom and one very special sister in-law.

I stopped at Old Navy and got my two younger sisters some sleep pants and tanks.  About $8.00 for each gift, but they got some earrings and a songbird too!   Aren’t they lucky!? 

I think that should do it.

This made me laugh, so I thought I would share with you!


No really, that’s it. Done.

Until May when its my kids birthday!

It just never ends!

Next week, work is costing me a small fortune too!  Two lunches and a secret Santa.  So for the secret Santa I went to ATT and spent money from another gift card.  The lunch will be $15.00 and then I need to buy a  pasta salad for another work function.  Oh and I need $10.00 for the lottery pool.

I don’t know how I am ever going to get caught up but I am bound and determined to.  I have to start paying back my brother for the airfare and I have to start saving for a car for my kid.

It’s gonna be tight around here after the new year!

I sure hope my health doesn’t fail me now!  There’s a whole list of wants and needs coming up!

Feeling the pinch, but I bet I am not alone!  It’s Christmas, we are all feeling the pinch.  The biggest difference is I won’t have any credit card debt when its all over!  Woo Hoo!!!

Hope all is well with you friend!



4 thoughts on “Right Around the Corner

  1. Those socks look cozy and the birds turned out cute. You know when you are all together the love of family is the perfect gift. My daughter will be here for Christmas after not having her for the last five years. We are looking forward to time spent together, food, and church.

    • So glad you get to see your daughter over the holiday! I cant wait to see my mom! I miss her terribly. She has been and is my best friend and truly my confidant in life. What would i ever do without her? 😥

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