ISMP – Joy

I can’t sleep, so I thought I would post about this little tidbit!

The audit at work has begun.  Oh wait, I probably didn’t tell you about “the audit”. 

Well, its not your regular financial audit, it’s an ISMP.  Information Systems Master Plan audit.


Great huh?  Christmas, Flaring and an Audit.  Life is funny like that!

Let me give you some background.

I haven’t had a raise in six years come this January.  Not even a cost of living.  Nada.  Zilch!  That is one more reason I went into BK.  My bills were too much and my income was not getting any better!


But here are some of the suggestions that have been thrown my way in that time.



About 5 years ago, they had a “workforce planning” program  so I signed up to maybe take the place of one of the other systems analysts when she retires.  She did a couple of years ago, and I didn’t go for the job because my boss didn’t think I would like it.  He thinks I would be better at security.  More on that in a minute and he is probably right.


I was told to submit a job reclass because my job has changed so much.  Well, I submitted a reclass and they came back and told me there was nothing they could do because of the MOU and the contract.  Well, then why did you suggest it?  OMG really.  😉


Lets create an internal Master Plan;  we can get you into that Security Admin position without even affecting the budget and the board will approve!    We worked on it for months.  Then I was told it was not going to happen.  That was supposed to get finished last July.


We got new leadership and he wants an outside firm to do the ISMP.  What that means is that my whole department is under a magnifying glass.  Not just for a few weeks, but through MARCH.  😉  No stress here.  They are doing company wide survey to find out what our customers need and how we are doing and what we might do better. 

I think its cool.  I am all about it.  My boss said he is positive that my job will change and I will get that promotion.  On that note, I am not so cool.  I don’t really want to go into it, but let’s just say this.  I am not holding my breath!


What ever happens, I am going to learn from the audit.  I am going to be as professional and as helpful as I can.  I can’t imagine being any other way.

Its hard for me because I’m not feeling well, but I am trying to continue to do my job and take care of myself and assist with the audit and get ready for Christmas travel and keep my head above water and ensure my kid has all that she needs.  Heavy sigh!

Let’s think positive for a second.  If at the end of the audit they agree that I am “worthy” of my new title and a raise, then next July the board might approve and then I might get a raise.  How much?  Who knows?  But wouldn’t that be a great way to head into the last half of this Chapter 13?

Have you ever gone that long without a raise?  I have not!



4 thoughts on “ISMP – Joy

  1. Just reading your posts makes me sick, I couldn’t face that stress everyday. You are brave, courageous, fighter, and a winner. You will come out of this, I know you will.

  2. Ugh! I hope even though you haven’t gotten a raise in 5 years that you at least make a really good salary to put up with all of it! The longest I have ever gone without a raise is 2 years and I quit and found a better (the one I have now) job. We did go 2 years here (after the economy collapse) without raises. Since I love the job, etc, I probably would have hung out another year, before I started looking elsewhere. I know when I was in my 20’s and 30’s and worked for a large company for many years I got myself into a mindset that that was the only place to work – that I couldn’t find a better job, etc. I don’t feel that way anymore. Take care of me or I’ll keep looking for a company that does. And luckily I have found them and been there 9 years now! Even if you are a government job, you should still at least get some sort of small cost of living raise. That is terrible. Are people really staying there, after 5 years of no raises?

    I think you need to give yourself more credit than you are!!! You have very marketable skills and I’ll bet if you started at least looking and applying for some jobs, you’d be surprised. It doesn’t hurt to look, you never know, you might find a better job.

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