Good News Hopefully


I actually have some good news for a change!   It seems like forever since I have had any good news of any kind!  I have been a real Debbie Downer!  😉

But first, I have to show you this!


Isn’t that yummy!  It was what I ended up bringing home from the department Christmas lunch today.  I love it.  I am keeping it and I told my kid – It’s mine

She always get the good stuff and I decided to keep something for myself for a change.  Actually, I did just try to give it to her and she made me keep it!  Awwww!

The good news.

The employee union stewards and the union had final negotiations last night and everything on the table got voted on.  It has to go before the board before it is final, but its a start!  They must realize the hardship!

The best news is that we can start getting raises again in 2016. I know, but at least its a start.  1% in 2016 and 2% in 2017. 

Also, the position I am in is no longer “Y Rated”, which means my position is not tied to an overpaid analyst position, that was one reason I did not get a raise in 6 years.   Analysts were overpaid by 20% and I was underpaid by 18% but because they were tied together, I got screwed. 

Its confusing and I’m simplifying it, but bottom line is this:  I think that 2015 might be the beginning of things looking up!

It all has to be approved and its all going to take time.  We shall see.  I need some positive changes in my life, its been so long you guys.  So long and very, very challenging on lots of fronts.

Keep your fingers crossed!



6 thoughts on “Good News Hopefully

  1. That’s beautiful! You deserve it! I really enjoy following your blog. I’m proud of you! You are doing great – have a wonderful attitude – and are so supportive of your daughter. She is lucky to have you as a Mom. Merry Christmas from South Dakota 🙂

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